ISIS gains allies in Turkey, al Qaeda & MB

PRAYER ALERT: The world has recently watched ISIS become the most vicious of many competing terrorist groups in the Middle East. It is the most efficient in seizing territory. It is the most successful in attracting and recruiting individual terrorists. If ISIS gains allies in nearby nations and other global terrorist organizations, its power will […] Continue reading →

Same sex weddings forced on Idaho ministers

PRAYER ALERT: On Oct. 15 same sex weddings became legal in Idaho. Two days later, a man phoned Donald and Evelyn Knapp at the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene. He asked if they would perform same sex weddings. The Knapps—both of whom are ordained ministers—declined. Then the Knapps got another call. They were […] Continue reading →

Houston pastors resist lesbian mayor's orders

PRAYER ALERT: Openly lesbian mayor Annise Parker’s “bathroom bill” ordinance is facing strong opposition from Houston pastors and their 400+ churches. The city ordinance allows men to use women’s bathrooms, and vice versa. If a man “feels” like a woman at the time, he can enter. Clearly this opens the door to sexual harassment and […] Continue reading →

ISIS to attack Israel over Hamas

PRAYER ALERT: ISIS to attack Israel over Hamas. From IPMI October Prayer Agenda: There are plans for ISIS to attack Israel over its most-recent conflict with Hamas. It also plans to fight against U.S. troops and what it calls the anti-Christ as ISIS conquers Persia and Rome. “As for the massacres taking place in Gaza […] Continue reading →