Sodomy laws should be put before voters—BAEC

Media & Government Prayer: US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno is the judge who dissented against establishing California’s voter-approved prohibition of same-sex marriage. Soon after his appointment, the Belize media asked him if he would advocate the LGBT agenda here. He declared “there is no LGBT agenda by the US government.” Then on the “International […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram massacres imperil Nigerian vote

PRAYER ALERT: In two days Boko Haram massacres struck two villages in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State. On November 19 the al Qaeda-linked terrorist group was said to kill 45 in Azaya Kura. The next day it slaughtered 60 fishermen in Doron Baga. These Boko Haram massacres come only a month after Nigerian officials announced a […] Continue reading →

Palestinian officials applaud attacks on Jews

PRAYER ALERT: In the past month two Palestinian car attacks on Jerusalem light rail stations killed four and injured 20 civilians. Among the dead was a 3-month-old girl. Calls for more malicious car attacks on Jews have flooded Palestinian social media, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Near the Nazareth police station a large billboard celebrates car […] Continue reading →

Palestinian state gets votes from Europe

PRAYER ALERT: Palestinian officials demand a separate Palestinian state next to Israel. At the same time they openly support the recent viral media campaign for attacks on innocent Israelis. Can it be any more clear? They mean war and extermination of Jews, not peace. Yet European nations are holding non-binding votes for Palestinian state recognition. […] Continue reading →

Russian war games taken seriously by West

PRAYER ALERT: Since March, when Russia annexed Crimea, it has played a dangerous game of military provocations. The European Leadership Network (ELN) has identified 39 incidents of close encounters between Russian and NATO forces in the past eight months. These Russian war games include three high-risk incidents. –On March 3 a Russian spy plane was […] Continue reading →