Answered prayers for Belize in 2014

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1: We thank God for many answered prayers for Belize in the year 2014. In fact we’ve had major answered prayers on the average of once a month since March 2011. That was when we started the Belize City House of Prayer. Below we count mostly earthly blessings. Our spiritual blessings are uncountable! January […] Continue reading →

Sydney hostage crisis ends with police raid

PRAYER ALERT: Police stormed a Sydney, Australia cafe where a jihadist had held at least 15 people hostage for 16 hours. They used flash grenades apparently to temporarily blind the perpetrator. Some of the Sydney hostage victims fled while others were taken out on stretchers. One received CPR at the scene. Three died, including the […] Continue reading →

Churches in Belize to elect new leaders

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt.1: In this transition to the new year 2015, the evangelical churches in Belize are also making a transition into a new national expression. In November the seven chapter chairmen of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches elected interim national officers. Howell Longsworth, chairman of the Belize District chapter, is president. Scott Stirm, […] Continue reading →

Christmas greetings for Belize

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 2: Like the Belizean people in general, our churches have different pasts. But we have the same future. BAEC is now implementing changes so we may better engage together in that future. Because we share the same Bible to guide us. We share the same Lord to lead us. In our Christmas greetings […] Continue reading →

Pope in Turkey prays in mosque with mufti

PRAYER ALERT: Two historic and potentially controversial events occurred with the pope in Turkey this past weekend. On Saturday Pope Francis stood in Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet mosque and prayed in silence with Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran. He also told the mufti twice that Christians and Muslims should “adore” God and not just glorify and praise […] Continue reading →

Turkey welcomes Putin to talk trade, not war

PRAYER ALERT: On Monday, the day after Pope Francis’ historic visit to Turkey, Russian President Putin arrived to meet with Turkish President Erdogan. The two nations have strong economic ties. Russia supplies Turkey with most of its natural gas. It plans to build Turkey’s first nuclear plant. But they are opposed over the war in […] Continue reading →