No go zones : too much religious freedom?

PRAYER ALERT: Last week the world witnessed back-to-back massacres in Paris. On Jan. 8 radical Islamist brothers who grew up in “no go zones” killed twelve in a satirical magazine office. On Jan. 10 a fellow radical Islamist took a whole Jewish kosher deli hostage and killed four. Mass media leaped to the defense of […] Continue reading →

We are Charlie, say millions. Who says, we are Jews?

PRAYER ALERT: We can understand why the media now celebrates those who say, We are Charlie. Radical Islamists increasingly target the media’s journalists. ISIS beheads them in mass-circulated videos. Clerics issue fatwas against them. Terrorists firebomb their offices. Now al Qaeda-linked operatives have committed a massacre in Charlie Hebdo’s offices. They were retaliating against the […] Continue reading →

New Christian song; sugar industry's plight

BC-HOP Prayer for Arts & Economy: Mervin Budram is a Belizean worship musician who has just released a new Christian song. “Put Away” is a heartfelt plea to men and specifically gang members. It calls on them to put away their guns before they take more precious lives. On January 5 Marvin Underwood, 32, a law-abiding citizen, was […] Continue reading →

Libya jihadists threaten nearby nations

PRAYER ALERT: On January 5 French President Francois Hollande said that French forces will strike Libya jihadists “every time they leave these places where they are hiding in southern Libya.” Libya jihadists have developed what France calls a “terrorist hub” in the south. There they spread terrorism to nearby nations. They use arms they have […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram jihadists seize multinational base

PRAYER ALERT: On January 4, hundreds of Boko Haram jihadists stormed a multinational military force and seized its base in Baga, Nigeria. They came in trucks, patrol vehicles and motorcycles. They flung explosives that spread flames and burned several buildings to the ground. The multinational force was composed of troops from Chad, Niger, and Cameroon […] Continue reading →