Belize church leaders to simplify constitution

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 1: The nation now awaits the final reshaping of new constitution of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. The first draft was revised and expanded again and again. The more it grew, the more there was to disagree about. Finally, Belize church leaders realized that we had to reduce it back to essentials […] Continue reading →

Mahdi: the Islamic Antichrist?

PRAYER ALERT: Will the Antichrist be a radical Muslim? In The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson says that Islam’s end-times messiah, the Mahdi, matches in many ways the Antichrist of the Bible. Even more surprisingly, Richardson says that Muslims believe Jesus Christ will return. But instead of establishing His kingdom on earth, they say He will […] Continue reading →

Extreme Muslims inspired by coming of Mahdi

PRAYER ALERT: Muslims differ over how and when their “Messiah”—the Mahdi—will rise to power. But most of them agree that his coming will be the first sign that the Last Day is near. And many extreme Muslims are motivated by the belief that jihadist warfare will precipitate the Mahdi’s long-awaited conquest of the world. That is […] Continue reading →

Antichrist—man of lawlessness or shariah law?

PRAYER ALERT: With radical Islam on the rise, more and more Christians now believe that the Antichrist will be the Mahdi—the Muslim “messiah”. But the Mahdi is expected to lead military conquest to establish shariah “justice” throughout the world. In contrast, the biblical Antichrist will launch a peace campaign more concerned with gaining influence through […] Continue reading →

Belize corruption needs correction before gain

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy: On April 10-12 in New York, Caribbean reparations leaders agreed to join forces in seeking reparations from former slave-trading nations, such as Great Britain & Spain. They are working to implement the Jan. 2014 decision of CARICOM to embark on a 10-point programme for “Reparatory Justice.” On the same […] Continue reading →

Turkey shuns peace with pope, Armenia, Kurds

PRAYER ALERT: Sunday April 12 was the 100th anniversary of the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians by Islamic Ottoman Turks. Pope Francis called on Turkey and the international community to recognize it as “the first genocide of the 20th century.” Turkey continues to be essentially Muslim, now at 97%. Armenia continues to be essentially Christian, […] Continue reading →

Erdogan and ISIS—enemies or allies?

PRAYER ALERT: It is hard to tell whether Turkish President Recep Erdogan and ISIS are allies or enemies. Under pressure from the US, in October Erdogan began letting Kurds cross the border to fight ISIS’ invasion of Kurdish Syria. But a month later, Kurdish activists said that Turkey was defying its agreement with the US, […] Continue reading →

Erdogan rises to godlike status in Turkey

PRAYER ALERT: Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s party, the AK (Justice and Development) Party, was formed in 2001. Since then it has won every general election in Turkey. The AK Party has fostered a worship cult around President Erdogan. One party deputy says touching Erdogan is a form of prayer. Another party deputy declares that Erdogan […] Continue reading →

Protest music aims at Belize gang wars

Government & Media Prayer: On March 27 the Belize Police Department launched a “Be Loving And Cease Killing” (BLACK) campaign. It started with a six-mile 2000-strong march through high-crime Belize City neighborhoods. They included Pink’s Alley, Jump Street or Wagner Lane, George Street, and Mayflower Street. The march stopped at hot spots where gangs hang out. […] Continue reading →

Nuclear framework for Iran riddled with holes

PRAYER ALERT: On paper, the nuclear framework agreement between Iran and Western powers looks airtight. Can Iran be trusted to keep it that way? Currently, Iran has been enriching uranium up to 20%, which is enough for medical purposes. But that uranium could be concentrated to produce 90% enriched uranium, which is weapons-grade. Iran is […] Continue reading →

Blood moon rises after Iran nuclear deal

PRAYER ALERT: On April 2 Western powers struck a nuclear deal with Iran. The US and EU promised to lift sanctions if Iran allowed inspectors to verify it was scaling back its nuclear program. Two days during Passover later a blood moon appeared. It was the third of four blood moons—a tetrad—occurring on biblical feast […] Continue reading →