Muslim names database -who should US track?

PRAYER ALERT on Muslim names database. The November 13 ISIS-coordinated attacks on Paris, killing 130, prompted a global search for solutions. What can we do to prevent more jihadist attacks? Some focus on stricter immigration and refugee policies. But what do we do about potential terrorists already in-country? France’s Interior Minister called for “dissolution” of […] Continue reading →

Radical Islamic organizations in the US

PRAYER ALERT on radical Islamic organizations. If the US is to defeat Muslim terrorism, it must track the radical Islamic organizations which are already here. The largest is the Islamic Society of North America. ISNA was founded in 1980 by the Muslim Brotherhood. MB is the parent organization of Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and ISIS. […] Continue reading →

Millenium goals measure Belize’s progress

BC-HOP PRAYER for Millenium Goals. In 2000 the UN set eight Millenium Goals for nations to achieve by 2015. How did Belize measure up? Goal 1 was to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Belize came up short, despite its overall economic growth. Belize’s Conditional Cash Transfer and Food Pantry programs are still too young to […] Continue reading →

ISIS attacks Paris, stirs world to vigilance

PRAYER ALERT. ISIS attacks Paris. Article by Generals International. The world witnessed a horrible situation last night. Paris, France, was attacked in multiple venues by terrorists. They have since been found to be associated with ISIS. Over 120 were killed and at least 180 were seriously wounded. Can you imagine how scary that would be? […] Continue reading →

#MarchForIndia denies rising intolerance

PRAYER ALERT on #MarchForIndia. Today #MarchForIndia participants, protesting against an “anti intolerance campaign”, turned against journalists. In Rajpath, Mousmi Singh and her crew were pushed around by marchers. They were heckled even after others tried to fend off the hecklers. A police team finally intervened and ushered her to safety. Various journalists covering #MarchForIndia were […] Continue reading →

Anti conversion bill imperils India Christians

PRAYER ALERT on anti conversion bill. From Intercessory Prayer Ministry International. A Christian group is warning that Christians will see an increase in violence if a religious anti conversion bill passes through parliament in India. Release International is warning that a proposed anti conversion bill poses a threat to religious freedom. They say it will […] Continue reading →

Party spirit or Holy Spirit to win in Belize?

BC-HOP Prayer for Families & Government. Concerning the current party spirit. We need fathers to step into their God-given roles as heads of their families. To reject passivity and to accept responsibility. To find God’s ways for their families and to lead courageously. Fathers are needed in crises such as the summer-long famine and our recent […] Continue reading →