Marijuana users show memory, driving defects

PRAYER ALERT on marijuana users. The Government of Belize is now preparing to decriminalize marijuana. It’s time to know and pray about the damages that marijuana users risk. Cannabis intake is proven to impair memory, learning and driving ability. It can cause psychological and physical ailments, including cancer. It can also harm children of marijuana users. […] Continue reading →

Decriminalizing marijuana- the hard questions

BC-HOP Prayer for Family & Economy: Decriminalizing marijuana The Belize Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) has recommended that we: —Remove the word “cannabis” from the Misuse of Drugs Act. —Remove the criminal penalty for use of paraphernalia in relation to the use of cannabis. —Limit use of marijuana to private residences. —Change the penalty for […] Continue reading →

Norway kidnaps children of Godfearing family

PRAYER ALERT for Norway. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. Thousands of Romanian Pentecostal Evangelicals peacefully protested Norway embassies in five national capitals, including Washington D.C. They called on the Norwegian government to free five children who were removed from their parents by child services last year. A teacher had complained about the family’s Christian faith. The […] Continue reading →

Evangelical values drive evangelical vision

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1 on evangelical values. You’ve heard of the purpose-driven life. But what drives our purposes? What propels our vision? For years evangelicals in Belize have had a great vision—on paper. In our evangelical association, our stated vision has been: “To bring the Body of Christ together for maximum impact of the Kingdom of […] Continue reading →