Belize Festival seeks laborers in harvest

NEWS UPDATE on Belize Festival. Daniel King is meeting with pastors in every district of Belize this week to prepare the way for revival meetings in July 2017. King has done this in India, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras and other nations. In one India town, 15,000 Hindus prayed to receive Jesus for the first time. At […] Continue reading →

Revival prep & Halal March this week

BC-HOP PRAYER on revival prep. This week every day Tues-Sun a Daniel King Ministries team will hold revival prep meetings in each district in Belize. Tuesday the team will be in Belmopan, Wednesday in Punta Gorda, Thursday in Dangriga, Friday in San Pedro and Saturday in Orange Walk and Corozal. (See schedule below). On Sunday […] Continue reading →

Evangelical statement on decriminalizing pot

BELIZE JOURNAL on evangelical statement. At our Feb. 29 general meeting NEAB put forward Vice President Scott Stirm to present our evangelical statement on the new marijuana policy. First he gave us background and updates on the government’s Decriminalization Of Marijuana Committee (DOMC). It started in 2012 with Doug Singh as chairman. It has eight […] Continue reading →

Evangelical churches plan nationwide actions

BELIZE JOURNAL on evangelical churches. On February 29, 215 pastors and ministry leaders attended the NEAB annual meeting at the Belmopan Civic Center. They represented evangelical churches from all six districts of Belize. About 150 were from the Toledo District alone. President Lance Lewis hit the keynote with his message on man’s stewardship as extending […] Continue reading →

Marijuana potency tricks blow kids away

BC-HOP PRAYER on marijuana potency. Advocates of decriminalizing marijuana in Belize should check how marijuana potency has risen. Studies show marijuana today is generally 15-30 times stronger than in 1970.Yet Belize’s Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) wants to reduce penalties for marijuana possession to BZE $15 per gram for up to 10 grams. DOMC doesn’t […] Continue reading →