Oil rich Venezuela too poor to sell its oil

PRAYER ALERT on oil rich Venezuela. Venezuela possesses the largest reserves of oil in the world. But it has become too poor to process and transport the oil. Not only are Venezuela’s port facilities and infrastructure crumbling. It even lacks the money to remove the water from much of the crude oil it is extracting. […] Continue reading →

Eruption response teams prepare to return

PRAYER ALERT on eruption response teams. The first wave of response teams in the Volcan de Fuego disaster area included IRIS Relief (https://b-m.facebook.com/Fuegodisasterrelief/) and Remar Guatemala (tel. 3023-5255). All those teams had to turn back when the national disaster institute CONRED suspended search and rescue efforts. Conditions near the still-erupting volcano proved too dangerous. But […] Continue reading →

Guatemala eruption recovery access blocked

PRAYER ALERT on Guatemala eruption recovery. Ten days ago green valleys dotted with close-knit villages surrounded Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego. The volcano had been erupting about 16 times a year without affecting the local inhabitants. But on Sunday June 3rd the most deadly eruption in four decades began. The first warning from the national seismology […] Continue reading →

Mexican silence zone shuts down media

PRAYER ALERT on Mexican silence zone. In the past 18 months, 18 journalists have been killed while covering drug trafficking in Mexico. Authorities found the latest corpse of a journalist, Hector Gonzalez Antonio, with visible signs of torture. This occurred in Ciudad Victoria, capital of the state of Tamaulipas. Tamaulipas borders on Texas. The Interamerican […] Continue reading →