Church leaders in Belize called to repentance

church leaders

We need more times of repentance like we had at the Global Day of Prayer 2014

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt. 2. A time of reckoning is drawing near for Belize. With the increase of wickedness in the streets and abuse in homes, the love of many is growing cold. With the increase of violations at our borders, our national identity is threatened. Church leaders must rise to the occasion. We must unite God’s people in hearfelt prayer like never before. We must begin by turning from our own wicked ways. Christine Vellos and Natalie Bowen Riggsbee have led the Buttonwood Bay prayer group for the past 20 years, In prayer they felt moved to write a letter calling Belize’s church leaders to mobilize the body of Christ in repentance. It is quoted in part here:

…We (the Church) hold Belize’s future in our hands. We must humble our hearts and repent for our lack of love toward brethren who are not of our particular fold. We must surrender our own schemes and plans to God and we must reject all satanic deception that underlies efforts to build up our own groups by tearing down those of our brothers and sisters. Instead of tearing each other down, we must build each other up and stand together arm in arm in an unbroken chain as a bulwark of defense for our nation.

If we fail to do this, we will be held responsible by God for the blood that has been shed in our land, the innocent ones who have been abused and victimized in various ways, and the perversion that seeks to gain ascendance in our midst. There is an urgent need for the Church to come to REPENTANCE and to lead the entire nation in REPENTANCE if the shield that has been protecting us is to remain in place. The Church needs to be holy and this means that the spirit of Eli which has held it in a firm grip must be removed. This is a non-negotiable.

church leaders

Pastors pray at Belize City rally.

We write this to you at this time because we have been watchmen for Belize for the past twenty years and will be held accountable if we do not deliver the warning to our leaders. Please take note that the Holy Spirit has impressed on us that the chief stumbling block for the Christian church in Belize is human pride. We must thus now each judge ourselves in this matter before we are perforce judged by God. As regards the [October 3] meeting of church leaders with the Prime Minister, several words were received during prayer that we are humbly submitting for your attention and discernment:

  • “Pray for unity of mind and purpose. Savagely come against the spirit of division, uproot and burn it out of the land, from the Church; contend that My purposes are established in this meeting”.  An intricately designed golden cup then appeared in a vision and the word of the Lord was – “the church leaders need to drink deeply from the cup of My Spirit. Some of them have walked away from their first love“.

  • The second vision was of some church leaders who were hobbling and not at all sure footed. The Lord’s words – “They are not walking in peace. Pray against hypocrisy in the Church. This is a time of cleansing and consecration. Pray earnestly into this area”.

  • The third vision was of a man with trees growing in his head. The Lord’s words – “These are worldly mindsets that they encourage to grow. They don’t believe My word. They believe the world more than they believe My word. There needs to be a time of ministry for the pastors. They are in need of ministry. They have grown weary and are barely holding up their flags. My power does not flow in might in the churches because the head is out of joint. Pray for your church leaders”.

“Brethren, as intercessors, we will not abandon our posts. We will continue to lift you up in prayer. We emphasize the need to act with urgency in reaching out to mend relations in the Body of Christ so that you may be able to speak with one voice… Let us fully commit to doing the Lord’s will in the battle that lies ahead. He is not a respecter of persons or of political parties. He reigns supreme in His kingdom and His word is law. If we are in touch with what is in His heart, we will hand the tiller of our vessel over to Him and allow Him to mastermind a course correction for the church of Belize that will result in its rising up as the spotless bride of Christ, prepared for the wedding, ‘lovely as Jerusalem, majestic as troops with banners'”.

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Church leaders face growing evils in Belize


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