Palestinian state gets votes from Europe

Palestinian state

Nations in green recognize a Palestinian state (image by Night W)

PRAYER ALERT: Palestinian officials demand a separate Palestinian state next to Israel. At the same time they openly support the recent viral media campaign for attacks on innocent Israelis. Can it be any more clear? They mean war and extermination of Jews, not peace. Yet European nations are holding non-binding votes for Palestinian state recognition.

On October 3, the beginning of Israel’s holy day Yom Kippur, new prime minister Stefan Loetven announced that Sweden now recognizes a Palestinian state. Sweden is the first EU member in Western Europe to do so. But other nations quickly followed. On October 12, MP’s in Britain voted 274 to 12 for a Palestinian state. On October 23, 31 of 60 members the upper house of Ireland approved a similar measure.

Today, November 18, the parliament of Spain votes on Palestinian state recognition. The parliament of Denmark also plans to vote very soon. The National Assembly of France has scheduled a vote on November 28.

Palestinian state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has protested that such votes don’t require any concessions from the Palestinians. They don’t tell the Palestinians that they have to make their peace with a nation-state for the Jewish people. They just give the Palestinians a nation-state.”

Now Netanyahu is being influenced by partners in his coalition to take counter-action. What they propose is in keeping with God’s promise to Abraham and Jacob. He said He would give the Holy Land to their descendants “for an everlasting possession” (Gen. 17:7-8; 28:13). Netanyahu’s partners want him to formally declare Israel as a Jewish state with a foundation of Jewish law.

This is only one of the many ways Jewish people in Israel are asserting their Jewishness. It counters the wave of antisemiticism in Europe which is fueling the push for a Palestinian state. This antisemiticism is most obvious among the young. In Poland, more than half of young people visit anti-semitic websites which glorify Hitler and the Nazi era. Europeans of all ages with anti-semitic attitudes range from 17% in the UK to 63% in Hungary. Hungary, like Poland, voted for a Palestinian state before entering the EU.

Nearly every country in three continents—Asia, Africa, and South America—have also recognized a Palestinian state. Will this result in full membership in the UN? That would give more legitimacy toward its malicious attacks on Israel.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we exalt You as Creator. You are loving toward all You have made. But in Your wisdom
and understanding, You made Israel Your chosen nation. You have given them the Promised Land for an everlasting possession. Your only Son is a Jew who will rule the earth from there. We thank You that through His shed blood we are grafted into His Jewish family tree. Branches have been broken off because of unbelief. But we refuse to be arrogant toward those branches. They are loved on account of the patriarches, for God’s gifts and His call to Israel are irrevocable.

We declare that Europe, Asia, Africa and South America cannot revoke them. The UN cannot revoke them. Your choice of Israel stands firm. If the nations continue to conspire against Israel and to imagine this vain thing, You will terrify them in Your wrath. Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, but whoever cursed Israel will be cursed. So we pray that You heal the blind and deaf anti-semiticism of the nations. Make them see the tunnels that the Palestinians have dug for the purpose of undermining Israel. Make them see the vicious attacks on innocent Jews. Make them hear the Palestinians’ bloodthirsty calls for more attacks. Make them hear the word of the Lord for the Jews and against their enemies. In Joel 3:2 You say You will enter into judgment against those who have divided up the Holy Land.

Instead, pour out Your Spirit on the nations before that judgment comes. Let it wash away anti-semiticism. Let it change the hearts of Palestinians. Shatter their plans for statehood. Exalt Your plans for sonhood to all who receive Your Son. Show the nations Your mighty arm in protecting Israel. Fulfill Your promise to make Jerusalem the praise of the earth. Call Your people to arise and shine, for their light has come. And call the nations to come to that light with gifts that glorify You. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Most nations in Asia, Africa and South America already recognize a Palestinian state.

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