Evangelicals focus outreach on homes, schools

Evangelicals focus outreach

Evangelist Derrick Pitts share bilingual tracts for reaching every Belizean home.

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.2 on evangelicals focus outreach. NEAB has made many appeals to the government to uphold family values as opposed to legalizing sodomy and decriminalizing marijuana. But we are finding much greater receptivity in homes and schools. At our Annual General Meeting Evangelist Derrick Pitts stressed going on the offensive with the Every Home for Christ campaign. In Ephesians Six our offensive weapons are prayer and Scripture. Derrick promoted interactive prayer maps for the whole Caribbean region. Each map makes room for local prayer commitments too. He displayed lots of free Scripture-packed tracts in both English and Spanish. These equip families to engage in discipleship in their homes, churches, and communities. With his van-load of tracts Derrick is providing enough to reach every home in the nation.

George Ferrar spoke on our new campaign to reach the schools of Belize with messages on issues relevant to youth. Though our government is not listening to our warnings about the drug and LGBT agendas, the schools are. Furthermore, youth are the prime targets of both agendas. They have many questions about their sexual identity and the pervasive drug culture. They are hungry to hear God’s answers.

Scott Stirm promotes campaign for taking relevant messages to schools.

Vice President Scott Stirm reminded us that 50% of our nation is age 17 or under. As the youth go, so our nation goes. Thankfully, schools are eager for the biblical answers that preachers are already providing. Scott and youth leader John George so impacted one school that they invited them to take over all their Life Skills classes. Therefore NEAB is calling on every chapter to develop a team of motivated speakers to reach as many schools as possible in their district.

Harvest Aviation shared how we can receive supplies from US sources for only BZE $4 per pound for shipping. We simply have them delivered to Harvest Aviation’s address in Wauchula FL. Then we can pick them up at Belize International airport within one month. Also, Harvest Aviation wants to develop further relationships with church leaders in Belize and help in any way they can.

Finally, Lisa Gotz spoke on two upcoming workshops offered by IRIS Ministries July 30-August 10. First, Restoring the Foundations teaches how to close doors to the demonic and be forever set free. Second, Disaster Response Training equips & certifies leaders in crisis intervention in Belize and other nations. We must respond rapidly because human traffickers aim to arrive first and steal away children during disasters. We must arise and shine in such crises, for deep darkness is covering the earth.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, thank You for making us in the image of Christ. We repent for turning away from Him. We repent of trying to make ourselves in our own image. This leads to new definitions of marriage, sex and family. Help us to restore Your tried and tested boundaries. It even leads to hallucinatory drug experiences which distort reality. Show how Your reality is far greater and more fulfilling than any other.

Also, make known Belize’s true God-given identity to Guatemalans, the ICJ and Belizeans themselves. Spare us from the specter of falling under the rule of those who don’t know us and never ruled us before. Instead, show Belizeans and Guatemalans how to respect and love one another as good neighbors. And direct our focus to our own homes and schools. Show Yourself as Father and Master Teacher. Free the younger generation from the deceptions of gangs, drugs and perverts. Capture their hearts and lead them in Your higher ways. Make our lights shine brighter as the rest of the world descends deeper into darkness. And produce in us fruit that pleases You, and lasts forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. Without boundaries we are defenseless. With boundaries we can apply influence beyond our boundaries (see 2 Cor. 10:12-16).

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