Israel’s 70th anniversary & US embassy move

Israel's 70th anniversary

David Ben-Gurion declaring independence beneath a large portrait of Theodor Herzl, founder of modern Zionism

PRAYER ALERT on Israel’s 70th anniversary. Tomorrow, Tuesday May 15th Israel will celebrate its 70th anniversary as a modern independent state. On the same day its Palestinian opponents will mourn 70 years of “Nakba” or catastrophe. The US chose  to move its embassy to Jerusalem today. Some warned the US about combining events that are so odious to Palestinian authorities. They said it would doubly provoke them to extreme violence. The fact that the Muslim month of Ramadan also begins on Tuesday could add fuel to the fire.

But only 150 protesters showed up at a May 12th march against the US embassy move. The sheer speed of developments in favor of Israel is catching much of the world off balance. In fact, the more the Trump administration moves and shakes on the world stage, the less its enemies can keep their footing.

For example, Trump has heightened war rhetoric and strengthened sanctions against North Korea—supported by North Korea’s biggest ally China.  This impelled North Korea’s move toward denuclearization. In Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu recently exposed 100,000 documents showing the Iran nuclear deal was based on lies. That revelation factored into Trump keeping his promise to break with the deal and strengthen sanctions against Iran. Such sanctions will weaken Iran’s ability to terrorize Israel through its proxies Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Even now, Hamas is using Iranian money to pay families to go to Gaza-Israeli fence protests, according to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Hamas started these protests on March 30 seeking to break through the border fence. Since March 30, 52 Palestinians have been killed by IDF soldiers defending the border.

Trump’s sanctions also aim at weakening Iran’s ability to terrorize its Sunni neighbors. In fact Iran’s Sunni neighbors—Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE—are praising Trump’s break with the Iran nuclear deal. Furthermore, these Sunni nations are finding common ground with their former enemy Israel against their common enemy Iran

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DailyInsight. We are guaranteed reward in heaven for praying for your enemies (Lk 6:35). To then see them become friendly here on earth, is a victory in both worlds (see Prov. 16:7).

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Much moving and shaking precede Israel’s 70th anniversary.

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