Churches repent on Global Day of Prayer

churches repent

GDOP at Central Assembly of God, Belize City.

PRAYER ALERT on churches repent. On May 20th Christians gathered in most of the world’s nations for the annual Pentecost Sunday Global Day of Prayer. In Belize City, at Central Assembly of God, we repented for churches that had failed to uphold biblical family values in the face of the destructive LGBT agenda. This failure, we believe, made Belize far more vulnerable to the violence it has suffered in unprecedented ways this year.

Specifically, one hideous case stands out. On Sunday March 4th 17-month-old Baby Alyssa died of injuries suffered in an unthinkable rape by her own stepfather. In response, enraged Belizeans expressed their shock and horror on social media. Furthermore, they held a spontaneous protest in Belize City’s Battlefield Park. This was the worst of the worst in the recent wave of murders. And it came right after the new Catholic Bishop Lawrence Nicasio had decided not to appeal the legalization of sodomy in Belize.

Again and again, a wide spectrum of church leaders have said that this decision opened the door in the spirit to the enemy. It gives him license to kill, steal and destroy in Belize in much more horrific ways than ever before. The Catholic Church was one of two church groups that could have legally appealed the sodomy verdict. It represents 40 percent of the population. Sadly, the other potential appellant, the now-diminished Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, has not made any move to appeal.

Meanwhile, a Pandora’s box of ills is overflowing into Belize. Pressure from the pro-LGBT lobby seeks to break down more social defenses against sexual offenses which the Bible calls abominations. So at Belize City’s GDOP we not only repented for churches failing to stand against perversity in the nation. We repented for the blood-guilt on the land due to the murders and rapes which the church’s failure empowered. Also, we repented for the further rise of violent gangs. Youth are joining them for identity and security instead of the church. And we repented for Belize’s decriminalization of drugs and its depreciation of God.

We prayed for God to come back to our courts, our government, our families and our schools. Especially we prayed for our budding campaign to reach schools with relevant answers from God on the above issues. Because students need our affirmation of their true sexual identities in God’s image. They need direction away from the broad paths of destruction. They need help into the narrow path that leads to life. And they need our protection from the many wolves—even church leaders—who dress up in sheep’s clothing only to strip children of their innocence…

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DailyInsight. We are to mourn not only over physical death. Also we are to mourn over all kinds of sin, the wages of which are all kinds of death (see Rom. 6:23).

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It is time that the churches repent.

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