Eruption response teams prepare to return

Guatemala eruption recovery

Remar Guatemala’s appeal for donations to help eruption survivors.

PRAYER ALERT on eruption response teams. The first wave of response teams in the Volcan de Fuego disaster area included IRIS Relief ( and Remar Guatemala (tel. 3023-5255). All those teams had to turn back when the national disaster institute CONRED suspended search and rescue efforts. Conditions near the still-erupting volcano proved too dangerous. But teams are preparing to go back now that the furnace-hot lava and ash flows are cooling. At our NEAB chapter meeting in Belize City Monday evening, we learned of more relief efforts underway.

In Belize City, Fernando Paz of Maranatha Church, 624-1871, is now accepting supplies for a trip to the disaster zone. In Guatemala, Jorge Ovalle of Asociacion de Ministros Evangelicos de Guatemala (AMEG) is taking monetary donations (tel. 4035-5288). So is Jairo Eduardo Quan of the evangelical Alianza at Banrural account # 4462004767. Remar (tel. 3023-5255) continues to welcome donated items and funds for survivors. We appreciate these brave initial efforts to love and help our neighbors in Guatemala. We must pray to God for more.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are Lord of the heavens and the earth. Our sin turned earth into a fallen creation. But the sacrifice of Your Son Jesus redeemed us. He became the firm foundation for our lives on earth. But many have built their lives on false foundations, that will fail when disaster strikes. Therefore look with mercy on the Guatemalans whose mountain has turned into shifting sands.

Show the narrow way for recovery teams to seek and save those who remain alive. Guide them to safe shelter. Reveal Christ as their Savior and Lord. Show them a future secure in Him no matter what happens. Also, help them rebuild their lives on the foundation of His Word. Lead them to live by faith in Him. Because Jesus makes all things possible. He can restore the devastated land. He can send living waters to make the wasted farmlands bloom again. So make these things happen for the Guatemalan survivors. Show that You have plans to prosper them and not harm them. And plans to give them a hope and a future. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. Trouble and the grace to bear it come in the same package. Dave Branon (See Rom. 5:1-5).

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