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News updates are shorter versions of Prayer Alerts for fast-breaking news

Evangelical Christmas message -Lance Lewis

December 2017 Evangelical Christmas message by NEAB President Lance Lewis. Christmas greeting to one and all.  We wish you the warmth of Christ love in these wonderful wintry days! The birth of Jesus Christ is a miracle and a pivotal part of God’s Word. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 1:18-25, we read the fascinating story […] Continue reading →

GDOP draws Christians to prayer for revival

NEWS UPDATE for GDOP draws. The multidenomi-national Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) took place on June 4th in six locations in our nation: Belize City, Belmopan, Orange Walk, Corozal, Dangriga and San Ignacio. Since 2000 in South Africa, GDOP draws more and more Christians every Pentecost Sunday to lift their hands in prayer for God to move worldwide. […] Continue reading →

Dividing Israel—before Obama leaves office?

NEWS UPDATE on dividing Israel. Tomorrow, January 15, seventy UN nations will meet in Paris to promote dividing Israel into two states. That would take the Temple Mount and huge swaths of land away from Israel. It would violate Scriptures that establish the Promised Land as “an everlasting possession” of Israel (Gen. 17:8; Ps. 105:8-11). […] Continue reading →

Cyberattack danger is imminent, says DOE

NEWS UPDATE on cyberattack danger. The Department of Energy warned that the US electrical grid “faces imminent danger” from cyberattacks. It could happen if people open a phishing email containing a malware-rigged attachment. The cyberattack danger could cause a widespread power outage that could cripple critical defense infrastructure and paralyze much of the economy. Stores, gas […] Continue reading →

Chief Justice ruling on sodomy law in dispute

PRESS RELEASE on Chief Justice ruling. “The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) is calling upon the Prime Minister of Belize to appeal the ruling of the Chief Justice on the Section 53 lawsuit.  In a mere 4 hours, 11 Denominational Overseers and 132 National Pastors responded by text saying they support the request for the […] Continue reading →

Unjust judgment for sodomy—appeal pondered

NEWS UPDATE on unjust judgment. On Wednesday morning dozens of Belizean intercessors stood praying across the street from the Supreme Court in Belize City. We waited for a just judgment against our adversary the spirit of sodomy. Instead an unjust judgment was delivered. The Chief Justice struck down the law against sodomy and opened a […] Continue reading →

Garinagu culture to declare Jesus is Lord

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 1 on Garinagu culture. Felipa Apolonio, Belizean Teacher and Evangelist. On being a Christian in the Garinagu culture: “Almost every ethnic group has traditional and cultural practices that are contrary to my beliefs as a Follower of Christ. I will never attend any of those functions because of my belief in God. There are […] Continue reading →

Belize Festival seeks laborers in harvest

NEWS UPDATE on Belize Festival. Daniel King is meeting with pastors in every district of Belize this week to prepare the way for revival meetings in July 2017. King has done this in India, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras and other nations. In one India town, 15,000 Hindus prayed to receive Jesus for the first time. At […] Continue reading →

Q&A National Evangelical Association of Belize

NEWS UPDATE on QA. Here is a QA on the newly registered National Evangelical Association of Belize. Q. Who is National Evangelical Association of Belize? A. NEAB is a network that is connecting Christian leaders and churches from every district of Belize. We are multidenominational. Our vision is to mobilize prayer and action together throughout the […] Continue reading →

Key events in world news for February 2015

Infoplease News on key events. Here are the key events in world news for the month of February 2015 reported by Infoplease. ISIS Militants Execute More Captives (Feb. 3): ISIS militants immolate Jordanian Muath Kasasbeh, a flight lieutenant pilot who they captured during U.S.-led attacks. In response, the Jordanian government executes two terrorists and vows revenge. Kasasbeh’s execution […] Continue reading →

For Belize PM to approve God's gender policy

SPIRITUAL LIFE IN BELIZE: Many don’t realize the great power the Church has now that the Evangelical Association has new chapters in every district of Belize. And yet many district leaders are having difficulty coming to these crucial get-togethers—or finding delegates to come in their place. Or even participating online using Skype. It is so […] Continue reading →

Belize Strong Men rally for world witnesses

NEWS UPDATE: At Friday’s Belize Strong Men Rally, hundreds of men heard testimonies of radical healing and national impact. We heard teachings on taking responsibility for our lives, marriages, families and country. On closing our doors to the enemy. On opening our doors to Father God. On living up to His standard by His power […] Continue reading →

Tuff love disarms Georgia school gunman

NEWS UPDATE: What a difference Christian loving care makes. Michael Brandon Hill, 20, brought an AK 47-style rifle and almost 500 rounds of ammunition to McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia. But he did not shoot any students. Nor was he disarmed by a professional counselor or by force, though he did exchange gunfire […] Continue reading →

Morsi supporters lash out against Christians

NEWS UPDATE: Egypt’s military takeover and crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood has only increased the ongoing MB persecution of Christians. Since the Arab Spring and the MB’s Mohammed Morsi rise to power, persecution rose so sharply that the formerly apolitical Coptic Christians boldly entered the political fray. In retaliation, Morsi supporters “have taken their anger […] Continue reading →

US cyber warfare tracks billion+ calls

NEWS UPDATE: Knowledge is power. That is why information cyber warfare now dominate the headlines. Military experts have long known that knowledge is more valuable than weapons. That “knowledge will increase” (Dan. 12:4) is one sign of the end times. And in our times, the increase of knowledge is accelerating faster than ever. Advanced techniques […] Continue reading →

Wisdom for US budget weight-loss program

NEWS UPDATE: The deadline to avoid the sequester has passed without an agreement between President Obama and Congress to avert it. Now $85 million worth of automatic spending cuts will start taking effect. The Obama administration has some discretion on the specifics of many of these spending cuts. It will be an rigorous exercise in […] Continue reading →

Deadline near for serious US spending cuts

NEWS UPDATE: In 2011 it was hard to find an economist who gave the US any chance of surviving a major economic collapse in 2012, unless it made drastic spending cuts. The one bipartisan plan that most economists agreed would succeed was the Simpson-Bowles plan, authored by Republican Alan Simpson (former senator from Wyoming) and […] Continue reading →

Churches call Belizeans back to God after massacre

NEWS UPDATE: BELIZE ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICAL CHURCHES PRESS RELEASE In its quarterly meeting that was held on January 21, 2013, the Evangelical Association denounced the hideous quadruple murders that occurred earlier this month and the continuing crime and violence in Belize. We believe that Belizeans desire peace and want our country to be “the tranquil […] Continue reading →

Algerian hostage takers vow world war

NEWS UPDATE: On Jan. 16 Islamist terrorists seized a foreign-managed natural gas field in Algeria and took about 40 foreign hostages, including French, American, British, Norwegian and Japanese citizens. The terrorists said they were outraged that France had used Algerian airspace for airstrikes on Islamist insurgents in neighboring Mali. Those insurgents recently vowed to expand […] Continue reading →

Al-Qaeda aims takeover of all of Mali

NEWS UPDATE: France deployed troops in the North African nation of Mali on Friday, Jan. 11, and retook the key city of Konna that Al-Qaeda had recently seized from government troops. In April Al-Qaeda took control of a huge swath of northern Mali. Since then Al-Qaeda has captured two-thirds of the nation and are now […] Continue reading →