7 Mountain Prayer Campaigns

“To bring all things in heaven and on earth under one head, even Christ”—Eph. 1:10

BPN Strategy for Transformations. We cover the nation in prayer, especially in the seven key arenas—or mountains—of influence in the nation: Family, Spiritual Life, Education, Economy, Government, Music & Arts, and Media. For each of these mountains we are developing a prayer campaign—ranging our prayer targets from short-range breakthroughs, step by step, toward long-range goals—based on what we are hearing from God.     We are tracking our prayers so we can evaluate and improve our intercessory and prophetic gifts. God has been answering many of our breakthrough prayers! But we need ongoing prayer for ongoing national transformation. Here is a condensed outline of our prayer campaign for Spiritual Life:

For VICTORY we need (1 Tim. 2:1-4; Acts 3:19-21):

Visitation of God on our gatherings

Inhabitation of God in our lives

Cooperation among churches

Transformation of the whole body of Christ

Overcoming sin and suffering throughout Belize

Revival, Redemption and ongoing Renewal for our nation

Youth ownership of Belize’s divine destiny

We need breakthroughs in divine Visitation which is sustained by Inhabitation of our our fellowships and Cooperation among churches, until the body of Christ experiences Transformation to a point that we are Overcoming sin and suffering in the nation, and releasing ongoing Renewal which Youth can then carry into the next generation.

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