Declarations for Belize



BPN has gathered prayer targets and revelations from many prayer leaders in the nation and submitted them to the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. We all agreed on
 Declarations for Belize. to make at the Global Day of Prayer, which takes place yearly on Pentecost Sunday:  

We glorify You as the only true God, loving and all-powerful, with all authority in heaven & earth.

We thank You that You have given us that authority to make disciples and teach them to obey everything You have commanded us.

We confess our sins in not loving as we should, not making disciples as we should, and not being the disciples You have made us to be.

We close doors our forefathers opened to the enemy. We open them to our Father in heaven. 

We receive Your forgiveness for our sins and our fathers’ sins, and Your power to overcome them.

We release forgiveness for past offenses that have divided us and weakened the body of Christ.

We declare our unity based not on our own righteousness, but on our faith in Christ, His inerrant Word, and His incomparably great power for us who believe.

We declare God’s grace on us to resolve conflicts and show mutual appreciation in the body of Christ.

We declare that we are Your chosen people for such a time as this in the life of Belize.

We declare that Belize is under God’s special protection and care, because it is “founded on principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God” according to our Constitution.

We declare that God is supreme over Belize, where the vast majority of people profess to be Christians, and that He is our greatest defense against foreign invasions and drug cartels.

We declare that our borders are established by God Himself and made secure by Him.

We declare God’s great mercy and compassion on Belize to spare our land from natural disasters.

We affirm with the Constitution “the equal and inalienable rights…endowed by their Creator”.

We declare the right to life endowed by the Creator, starting at conception, and the illegality of abortion.

We declare that sodomy is not a right endowed by the Creator because it violates His design for sex.

We declare that God designed sex for us to be fruitful and multiply within marriages producing families.

We declare that God provides a way for every sinful individual and broken family to be forgiven, healed and brought into right relationships.

We declare that the efforts to legalize sodomy and promote LGBT will be completely defeated.

We declare that the churches in Belize will keep growing in unity as we respond to the gay agenda with God’s better plan for marriage, sex and family.

We declare grace for men to grow into their roles as loving husbands & fathers cultivating godly families.

We declare that God will raise up more teaching resources with godly principles and biblical worldviews.

We declare that God will raise up more teachers who grow in His love, wisdom, power and authority and equip their students to overcome evil with good.

We declare that as we make more room for God in our schools, Christian teachers and He will address every difficulty in learning, discipline, counseling and guidance.

We declare a new era of in-depth training for counselors to save, deliver, heal and restore to wholeness.

We declare that God will provide a way out of gangs, and into fulfilling relationships, education & godly callings.

We declare grace to overcome greed, addiction, deception, and idol worship.

We declare that the deception behind witchcraft, Freemasonry and cults will be exposed and weakened.

We declare that God will show us how to put our family and church finances in right order.

We declare that God will provide resources to overcome debt and prosper the nation, and raise up good & faithful stewards to develop, distribute and use them justly.

We declare the extraction and just distribution of God-given oil wealth for the benefit of locals & all Belize.

We declare that God will show Belize how to survive and thrive in the current world economic crisis.

We declare that He will multiply blessings on those who give tithes and offerings consistently.

We declare that God will provide His counsel to church leaders when political leaders consult them.

We declare Holy Spirit conviction on those engaged in political corruption.

We declare grace for those willing to change their ways, and exposure of those who aren’t.

We declare that God is raising up Christian political leaders to represent Him and represent the people.

We declare that God will lead musicians, artists and churches into deeper encounters with Him,

We declare that God will stir them up to demonstrations of His power and glory in public and in the media.

We declare that God will use more media to make His good will known and draw multitudes to Him.

We declare that a new national church leadership is arising that will represent every district of Belize.

We declare that it will speak with one voice and unite us to act as one body to bring God’s Kingdom to Belize. 

We declare that God will empower our prayers, discipleship & leader development to release ongoing revival.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine,

according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church

and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

June 8, 2014 GDOP, Belize Association of Evangelical Churches,

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