Music & Arts

These craftsmen have come to terrify them, to throw down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter its people” —Zech. 1:21


Prayer Campaign for MUSIC & ARTS in Belize

April 27, 2012 Call To Worship in Belize City

Purpose of Music & Arts—To use creative forms to glorify God, in ways that express divine worldviews, address relevant issues, challenge us to higher levels, and impact growing audiences for His kingdom purposes, with the effect of drawing them closer to Him.

Current Conditions: The variety of music played in Belize includes defiantly obscene and violent songs which are often loudly amplified in the hearing of children. Girls learn provocative dances at very young ages and take on the identity of sex objects. Church music ranges from hymns to contemporary praise and worship songs, but not many produced by Belizeans. Those Christians who do write music have been fusing popular music styles with Christian lyrics, and get some play time from Christian radio stations and PLUS-TV. In worship many are moving from a performance mode to a God-encounter mode, and are getting ready to release new expressions in music that will glorify God and save souls in public venues. Christian drama and worship dance groups are small but growing. Occasional dance and theater pieces are staged in schools or the Bliss Institute. Belizean arts and crafts are mainly geared toward tourists, but are finding increasing acceptance as building décor. Some music and art that is expressive of Garifuna and Maya cultures also draws on familiar spirits and is rooted in witchcraft. Belize needs more pioneers in expressing Christian worldviews in both visual & performing arts. Some of our current pioneers are under-appreciated and misunderstood.



  • Revelation to the Body of Christ of the significance of what people are inputting in their soul & spirit through music & arts, and raising the standard for what we input

  • Enforcement of existing laws on decency in what the public consumes

  • Repentance for the Body of Christ not standing for righteousness in music and arts

  • Repentance for the Body of Christ not expressing His gifts to us in music and arts

  • Show ambitious musicians the vanity of trying to be an “American Idol”

  • Expose the ugly evil spirits behind the glittering facades of pop performances, where demons masquerade as angels of light

  • Show rich & deceptive pop stars they are actually wretched, pitiful, poor, blind & naked

  • Release testimonies from pop stars who got free from false images they made of themselves to find His narrow way to life

  • Draw youth from fixation on pop stars to finding their true identity in Christ

  • Lead youth to cast away occult symbols & practices which demons use as entry points

  • Release mantles of glorious worship on multitudes who turn to Christ

  • Raise up artists & musicians to be true Christian male & female role models


  • Emergence of prayer warriors in local churches to support leaders and pastors

  • Healing and restoration of leaders and pastors that have been hurt in battle

  • Transition of church worship from a performance mode into encounters with God

  • Turning of personal conflicts & struggles into songs of deliverance as David did in Psalms

  • Heavenly encounters to show what God wants released in the earth

  • Leaders to identify & recognize giftings in arts, music & other areas so the Body may grow in power

  • More financing for in-depth development of music & arts

  • Expression of hidden treasures that God has placed His people

  • More training in worship dance movements and choreography that glorify God

  • Training of youth to flow with and develop the visions, words & music God is giving them

  • Provide contexts for musicians to mix worship & prayer, and improvise new music & lyrics

  • Move on worship team members to add parts He gives them in harmony with the overall flow

  • To let the Glory of the Lord arise on us (Isa. 60:1-2), as darkness grows on the earth

  • To touch hearts and prick consciences

  • Give musicians & artist a deep holy passion for Jesus that makes them shine like stars in this crooked & depraved generation as they hold out the word of life (Php. 2:15-16)

  • Let Your light on them cause darkness to flee from before them

  • Stir up those called to music & arts to displays of His glory and marvelous works

  • For musicians & artists to operate in greater Kingdom power, excellence and accuracy

  • Expression of mature and relevant Christian worldviews, integrating artistic form & content

  • Increasing intensity in worship in local congregations and around Belize, leading to more encounters with God that release breakthroughs


  • Explosion of new music & arts for this season from the Body of Christ, that brings deliverance, hope, healing, restoration and joy
  • His anointing on music & arts to be evident to all who see and hear

  • Lyrics and content that are relevant and redemptive for people and their current & ongoing issues

  • A move of God to take music & arts outside church walls and display them powerfully in the nation

  • Exposure and dismantling of the evil in secular music & arts

  • More arenas to release new expressions: schools, parks, young people’s events, celebrations.


Beginning with the most recent (see more in Testimonies)

In answer to prayer, God is leading many worship teams into deep encounters with Him, and releasing new expressions as they mix prayer and worship together. We expect this to produce new Belizean music that will accompany a major move of God across the nation.

April 28, 2012. After weeks of a wave of murders in Belize City, Christians from many churches filled to overflowing the nation’s biggest conference room, at Belize City’s Princess Hotel, with glorious worship and dance led by Call To Worship, encouraging us all to face the current crisis not with fear but with a bold faith that releases His peace wherever He leads.

Sept 16, 2011. In June, leaders of Call to Worship were really concerned about the lack of participating musicians and finances. After more prayer, they were joined in a few weeks by dozens of musicians representing nine denominations, and more people expressing interest in supporting music in Belize. On 9/16/11 Call to Worship packed the Biltmore Plaza Hotel to overflowing with glorious praise, adoration and dancing in the Holy Spirit.