He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse” —Malachi 4:6

Prayer Campaign for FAMILIES of Belize

Purpose of Family: For a married man and woman to provide for their children a safe and stable home; to show them how to love God, one another, their neighbors, and their future spouses and children; and to support them as they grow in their gifts and pursue their callings


In the public arena

  • Church unity in response to the homosexual agenda that seeks to redefine marriage & family
  • Affirmation of family built on marriage between one man and one woman
  • Affirmation of the constitutional rights of unborn children endowed by our Creator
  • Recognition that unnatural sexual acts are not rights endowed by our Creator
  • Recognition of the distinction between sodomites’ arguments for human rights, which they
  • already have, and promotion of special rights to engage in unnatural acts that spread disease
  • Victory after victory over attempts to legalize sodomy, same-sex marriage & abortion
  • Victory after victory over pornography, lewdness & obscenity in music, fashion, arts and media
  • Family-friendly government, courts, schools, businesses, music, arts and media

In the church

  • Repentance for avoiding issues of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in homes
  • Training of church & school counselors in solutions & inner healing for abuse & deep family hurts
  • Conviction on unmarried couples living together that they must marry or live apart
  • Counseling, help and adoption services for women considering abortion
  • Ministries for homosexuals who want their true sexual identity restored
  • Testimonies of release from emotional & sexual bondages and physical healings from AIDS, etc
  • Growing respect between the sexes and proper boundaries in clothing, dance, words & actions
  • Restoration of values of true friendship, sexual purity, courtship, marriage and family
  • Powerful ongoing expressions of these values transforming society


Many families in Belize are missing their fathers

In the home 

  • God’s Fatherhood to those who don’t know where their father is or what he does for a living
  • The turning of the heart of fathers to children, and the hearts of children to fathers
  • Testimonies of the return of prodigal fathers & children, and family reconciliation
  • Models of true masculinity, true femininity and holy matrimony
  • Grace for men to grow into their roles as husband and father
  • Honor, healthy submission and family unity
  • Faithfulness between marriage partners, and clear boundaries with those they aren’t married to
  • Forgiveness for past wrong relationships, clear agreements with former spouses & partners
  • Good answers by the right people at the right times to children who have questions about sex
  • Revelation to parents of how precious their children are while they still have them
  • Frequent hugs from parents, and saying “I love you”, and use of the five love languages
  • Family devotions—the family that prays together stays together
  • Home jobs suited to the personal and social development of each family member
  • Safe homes full of love and encouragement to pursue individual & family callings
  • Training in Kingdom values and finances and family budgeting
  • Fathers who fulfill pledges to their families with accountability as in the movie Courageous
  • Training and loving discipline of children as they grow in responsibility & freedom
  • Families that not only become models for other families but for the family of God

Playground on North Front St. SBC DsmIn the neighborhoods

  • Divine disruption, conviction and conversion of those planning crimes, including molestation
  • Courage and protection for people to testify when they have evidence of crimes
  • Gang truces that become opportunities for salvation and lasting peace
  • The aroma of Christ to draw people away from marijuana and other drugs into heavenly realities
  • Outreaches to get gang members free and involved in fulfilling relationships, jobs and activities
  • Safe neighborhoods where women and children can go about without fear
  • Raising up parents as models & guides for other parents & families in their church & school
  • in raising children and demanding that neighborhoods be free of loud, obscene music
  • Disaster recovery plans & resources for families and neighborhoods
  • Mutual appreciation & cooperation among different races and ethnic groups in Belize


  • Kids who don’t feel understood at home will seek understanding and identity from gangs

  • He has the power to shake the earth, but is tender enough to reach kids where they are

  • Just as the enemy tried to bring greater darkness into schools through the HFLE manual, so he is now trying to do so in neighborhoods through gangs

  • Loud rap music with obscene lyrics make the atmosphere conducive to the drugs which are corrupting kids and adults.

  • Heavenly realities can draw drug users away from drug-induced fantasies

  • Believers can stand in the gap for and sanctify unbelieving family members (1 Cor. 7:14)

  • Married couples and families who pray together stay together

  • Men who have been absent from their homes need a grace period in their families to  adjust to their needed roles as husbands and fathers


Beginning with the most recent (see more in Testimonies) 

June 13, 2014. Jamaica’s Supreme Court issued an injunction reversing University of West Indies’ dismissal of long-time Professor Brendan Bain from his position as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network. Bain has spent decades researching AIDS and treating patients with AIDS. He had testified in Belize’s Supreme Court sodomy case that men who had sex with men were much more vulnerable to AIDS infection. For telling this proven truth UWI—under pressure from LGBT proponents—fired Bain. Protests in support of Bain around the Caribbean, including two in Belize on May 17th and 25th, were well-covered by the media.

November 22, 2013. The Belize Police Department released new statistics showing a decrease in major crimes from January through October 2013 as compared to the same period in 2012. According to Amandala, “There were 119 murders recorded at the end of October 2012, while for that same period this year, there were 88 murders. The frequency of another major crime – robbery –has also decreased, from 413 incidences last year to 236 for the same period this year. One of the only crimes that is on the increase is theft; so far this year there have been 845 cases of theft, while there were 777 such cases up to the end of October last year.”

October 15, 2013In response to concerns raised by church leaders on Oct. 8, the standing committee on the Belize rape bill held a public hearing on Oct. 15. Some items in the bill targeted sex crimes against children. But other items were worded in such a way as to actually open the door for adult predators. The government promised to change the wording in order to address church concerns. Many in the audience objected that we weren’t hearing the bill in its final form. Others pleaded for the inclusion of items not covered by the bill, such as measures against rampant pornography and against promotion of abortion—which is still illegal in Belize—and contraceptives to minors without parental consent. Audience o
pposition to anything about the new gender policy in the bill was so intense that the government has hardly promoted that policy at all since
 (as of June 2014).  


August 13, 2013. Dozens of leaders from both the Evangelical Association and the Belize Council of Churches met to share their proposed changes to the government’s pro-LGBT gender policy. They overcame recent differences in response and agreed on all the changes. All leaders present signed a statement in support of the one combined document articulating the church’s full response to the policy.

July 2-20, 2013. Nearly 10,000 people participated in Constitution Marches in all the six districts of Belize. These marches highlighted the provisions in the Constitution concerning the family, the “supremacy of God,” and disease prevention. Belize Action organized this nationwide response to the government’s new pro-LGBT gender policy.

February 15, 2013. Dozens of men came to the Strong Men’s Rally small group initiative in Belize City to learn how to start men’s groups for encouragement and accountability on how to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers.

January 15, 2013. A 13-year-old Belize City schoolgirl who had run away from home with a 30+year-old boyfriend returned of her own accord and responded positively to counseling from her Christian principal.

December 5, 2012. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was scheduled on Dec. 6-9 to meet with Belizean heads of state and civil society, to conduct media interviews, and to stage youth and men’s rallies in Belize. However, he is known for making many racial slurs against Jewish people and white people, and has admitted that he contributed to the hostile mood in the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X, who had just publicly renounced his prejudice against whites. Considering the strains we already experience in this multi-racial nation, we prayed that God would not allow this visit to happen. The day before his planned arrival Farrakhan was hospitalized for dehydration and had to cancel his visit.

November 25, 2012. We prayed with urgency that the Holy Spirit would come and bring to repentance the killer of three family members in their home in Ladyville in the wee hours of this Sunday morning, and not escape the law as 90% of murderers in Belize have done. And in fact he did confess to police soon afterward. We pray that God will use the many ministries at Hattieville prison to bring Jesus into his life.

Sept. 13, 2012. The Ministry of Education withdrew the “Health & Family Life Education” manual from all of Belize’s 300+ primary schools. Fifty percent of the manual was geared toward normalizing homosexuality, repeatedly referring to the anus as a sexual organ and encouraging kids to consider multiple same-sex partners as well as opposite sex partners. This manual had no mention of marriage, abstinence or the nuclear family as values. The Ministry promised to review it for revision or replacement by another manual.

July 20, 2012. A government committee agreed to extend the deadline for public response to its plan for decriminalization of marijuana, beyond the original four days, so that there can be a much fuller public discussion on this complex and critical issue. That will facilitate public awareness that marijuana smoking canimpair learning, memory and driving ability, and cause cancer, and harm children of users. The teacher’s union later raised concerns that marijuana decriminalization would result in higher levels of drug use, disease, crime & behavioral problems.

Prayer walk at Jan. 31 hearing on the sodomy lawsuit

April 27, 2012. After 3 months of consideration, Justice Michelle Arana made preliminary decisions in the sodomy lawsuit. She approved the churches’ expert witnesses, with one exception, and denied UNIBAM’s expert witnesses. She also affirmed the Preamble to the Constitution is part of the Constitution, against the odd claim that it is not relevant. The Preamble does “affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God…and the equal and inalienable rights with which all members of the human family are endowed by their Creator.” This is important, because we hold that the practice of sodomy cannot be a right since it is contrary to the Creator’s design.

March 28, 2012. In the first public debate on the sodomy lawsuit, televised by PLUS-TV, Louis Wade’s arguments against the gay agenda and for biblical family values met with repeated loud applause from the University of Belize-Belmopan audience, and UNIBAM’s arguments fell flat. Louis later said he knew God was using him because he said things he had never thought of before.

Louis Wade speaks at Take A Stand rally against the sodomy lawsuit in front of the courthouse

Dec. 3, 2011. The historic multi-church Take A Stand rally against the sodomy lawsuit filled Belize City’s Battlefield Park for four hours with people who witnessed national leaders of denominations, political parties and NGOs make powerful and undeniable arguments for biblical marriage & family values, in a highlight of Belize Action’s countrywide awareness campaign.