How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news” —Isaiah 52:7

Prayer Campaign for MEDIA in Belize

LOVE-FM TV & radio tower

Purpose of MediaTo publicize the truth, with compassion and love, about the mostimportant developments and possibilities being explored, on the seven mountains of influence, in ways that the greatest number of people can understand, pray about and act on to further God’s kingdom on earth.

Current Conditions: US programming has dominated TV since cable was introduced in the early 1980s. Many Belizeans identify cable TV as the main cause for Belize’s decline from a family-friendly society to one plagued by family breakdown, promiscuity and violence. Belize lacks local programming, except for news and talk shows which focus more on problems than solutions, and tend toward aggressive political partisanship except during timely disaster alerts . A variety of music broadcasts includes defiantly obscene and violent lyrics which are often loudly amplified in the hearing of children. Advertising that promotes gambling, liquor and promiscuity is widespread. But newspapers and increasingly radio stations are often open to Christian viewpoints. Christian media are growing, with several radio stations and PLUS-TV, but lack sufficient funding.



  • Decentralizing media for free market competition in business, with benefits for consumers
  • Proprietors/directors of media houses to ensure that info made public is reliable and free of bias
  • Waking up Belizeans from their sleep to stop passively receiving everything that is shown on media since God’s word says that we should guard our heart, because out of it flows the issues of life
  • Christians to arise and call for family-friendly Php. 4:8 content in media
  • A move of God across the nation to uphold high ethical standards for media
  • For God to direct choices of songs & programming broadcast in homes, streets & places of business
  • Confirmed reports of God’s great works among us giving us “favor with all the people” (Acts 2:47)


  • Motivating and training Christians to rise up in the field of journalism, from an early age
  • Raising up Christian leaders in all phases of media production
  • Transforming minds among Christian leaders to understand Kingdom potentials of media & internet
  • Revelation of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom principles in media, and Christian worldviews
  • Financial support for Christian media houses in Belize
  • Financial breakthrough in ministries and transfer of riches to His good and faithful servants
  • Efficient policies and bodies that will expedite Christian media houses startup and expansion  
  • Open lines of communication among regulating bodies
  • Lessening of restrictions on media house establishment and operation
  • Cooperation among Christian media houses to enhance one another’s ministries
  • Recognition and publicity for Christians with creative, relevant and biblical messages in all media
  • Expansion of media to reach more people in more languages with life-changing messages
  • Growing independence from the antichrist systems of the world
  • Preparation for Christians to survive and thrive no matter what tribulations we face


  • Alert us so we will guard our eyes and hearts against corrupting media influences
  • Increased media coverage to mobilize support for the constitutionality of the law against sodomy
  • Exposing the deception behind gay propaganda, seeking “human rights” which they already have, as a smokescreen for special rights to promote disease-spreading gay behavior
  • Media coverage of border intrusions that leads to more border security
  • Safeguards against divulging national security secrets
  • Guide LOVE-FM as they seek to broadcast from a different church service each Sunday, and let the whole nation hear week after week what the Spirit is saying to Belize!
    Non-affiliated advertising, free of denominational and political influence
  • Move on the media to broadcast solutions instead of fear and cynicism
  • Php. 4:8 virtues in media: what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent & praiseworthy
  • Networking to communicate revelations of God’s will on issues with email, twitter, facebook & texts
  • Clear communication of disaster warnings, directions to safe havens, recovery plans & resources
  • Creativity on Christian media that is competitive with secular media in movies, commercials & billboards reaching the masses with life-changing messages
  • Timely reporting of progress of God’s kingdom on all seven mountains of influence
  • Spirit-led in-depth analysis of issues, with historical contexts & prophetic perspectives on the future
  • Presenting God’s perspective on underlying realities, & righteous courses of action
  • Motivating Christians to be participants in national life and not just spectators
  • Outreach media with relevant content, probing questions & clear choices for nonbelievers
  • Miracles to happen during programs—testimonies of God’s power become on-the-air experiences
  • Media as vessels for revival and transformation in Belize


Beginning with the most recent (see more in Testimonies

June 13, 2014. Jamaica’s Supreme Court issued an injunction reversing University of West Indies’ dismissal of long-time Professor Brendan Bain from his position as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network. Bain has spent decades researching AIDS and treating patients with AIDS. He had testified in Belize’s Supreme Court sodomy case that men who had sex with men were much more vulnerable to AIDS infection. For telling this proven truth UWI—under pressure from LGBT proponents—fired Bain. Protests in support of Bain around the Caribbean, including two in Belize on May 17th and 25th, were well-covered by the media.

May 16, 2014. Belize won a key battle to maintain its 2011 takeover of the formerly foreign-owned and lucrative Belize Telemedia Limited. In a 2 to 1 decision, the Court of Appeals ruled the government’s right to acquire BTL, and also the foreign-owned Belize Electricity Limited. The ruling may leave Belize liable to pay compensation for the period between its first BTL takeover in August 2009, which the court had found unconstitutional, and its July 2011 takeover, which was affirmed by a constitutional amendment. The case now goes for final appeal to the Caribbean Court of Justice. Control over its own media makes Belize less subject to undue foreign influence.

October 15, 2013In response to concerns raised by church leaders on Oct. 8, the standing committee on the Belize rape bill held a public hearing on Oct. 15. Some items in the bill targeted sex crimes against children. But other items were worded in such a way as to actually open the door for adult predators. The government promised to change the wording in order to address church concerns. Many in the audience objected that we weren’t hearing the bill in its final form. Others pleaded for the inclusion of items not covered by the bill, such as measures against rampant pornography and against promotion of abortion—which is still illegal in Belize—and contraceptives to minors without parental consent. Both the Oct. 8 and Oct. 15 events were well-covered by the media. Audience opposition to anything about the new gender policy in the bill was so intense that the government has hardly promoted that policy at all since (as of June 2014).  

April 2, 2012. On Feb. 26 we prayed that God’s voice on national issues be heard on media and specifically that LOVE-FM, Belize’s most popular TV & radio station, would start broadcasting the true love of God. On April 2, LOVE-FM decided to feature church leaders discussing national issues twice a month on Belize Watch. They also decided to broadcast from a different church service every week, and to promote and broadcast the multi-church July 1 March For Jesus.

March 28, 2012. In the first public debate on the sodomy lawsuit on March 28, 2012, televised by PLUS-TV, Louis Wade’s arguments against the gay agenda met with repeated loud applause from the UB-Belmopan audience, and UNIBAM’s arguments fell flat. Louis later said he knew God was using him because he said things he had never even thought of before. Thank God the media has given overall good coverage to the churches’ response to the sodomy lawsuit.

August 26, 2011. Former Media prayer leader Esther Choe’s daughter Rebecca reported that the license was approved for their new Voice of God radio station, after a quick start-up process: “What took years now takes months. The Lord is working at an accelerated pace”!