We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonders He has done…to teach their children… and they in turn would tell their children”—Psalm 78:4-6

Prayer Campaign for EDUCATION in Belize

Purpose of Education—To pass on the learning of past generations and produce students who can assess their developing SHAPEs (Spiritual gifts & callings, Heart passion, Abilities, Personality & Experience), contribute to team-building, and keep learning and solving problems as they arise in the seven mountains of influence on local, national & international levels.

Current conditions: A large percentage of the national budget is allotted for education. Belize has many Christian and church-based schools. Churches have constitutional rights to manage schools and provide religious instruction whether or not they receive government aid. Yet Christian schools feel much government pressure to become more secular. Yet the national curriculum provides an outline of all subjects that does makes room for Christian content. Also, there is a prevalence throughout the education system of overcrowded, undisciplined classrooms with under-trained teachers, increasingly secular curriculum and lack of parental cooperation, resulting in low grades, high drop-out rates, and student involvement in sex, drugs and violence.


Teachers, course plans & resources

  • Honoring God as the Originator and Guide for every school subject (Jn. 1:1-5)
  • Show that all truth is personal in Jesus (John 14:6), not just facts
  • Managements with workable goals and plans for students’ academic, ethical and spiritual growth.
  • Conversion of non-believing and nominal teachers into passionate disciples
  • Policies preventing practicing homosexuals from teaching in schools
  • Elimination of homosexual propaganda in curriculum
  • Textbooks & resources with a biblical worldview on all subjects, including intelligent design
  • Curricula on right relationships with the opposite sex in friendship, courtship, marriage & parenting
  • Christian teacher review boards with higher standards than Belize’s Teaching Service Commission
  • Raising up more male and female teachers & administrators with a love for God and students and their subjects, with biblical worldviews, and with a well-rounded life as role models
  • Thorough, well-paced, divinely-appointed course plans with room for Holy Spirit initiatives
  • Integration of course plans so teachers can know and build on teaching in other courses

Parents and conditions outside school

  • Partnership with parents in understanding, disciplining, and encouraging students as they develop
  • Raise up teachers as father and mother figures, especially to kids whose parents need help
  • Counseling for dysfunctional families to grow in right relationships with healthy boundaries
  • Counseling & good options for students caught in fornication, porn, drugs, violence & self-destruction
  • Agreement on times and quiet spaces at home for students’ schoolwork
  • Safety and watchful eyes for students going to and from school
  • Gang influence over students to be broken, and good family influences to increase
  • Family finances to support ongoing education of all family members
  • Right relationships among stakeholders for the good of the school & community

Conditions in schools

  • More time in the school day for heart-to-heart worship & prayer, both planned and spontaneous
  • More room for God during the day in heart-to-heart communications with students. As we make room, He will address every difficulty in learning, discipline & communication
  • New works in believing teachers and students that draw many to Him
  • Agreement among teachers & students on practicing biblical values
  • Simple but comprehensive discipline plans which teachers & students agree on enforcing
  • Divine protection so that students will consider weapons unnecessary
  • Effective plans and resources for disaster response and recovery
  • Show all students they are valuable to You
  • A grace-filled social climate with basic cooperation and healthy, respectful competition
  • Effective discipline of bullying and other serious misbehavior, and counseling for victims
  • Respect and proper boundaries between the sexes
  • Good male and female role models who help students grow in their God-given identities & callings

Learning activities

  • Purposeful learning activities that build step-by-step into greater understandings
  • Growth in understanding how each learning unit contributes to the big picture
  • Classroom management of varied lessons that fully engage students with different aptitudes
  • Student growth in multiple intelligences of literacy, logical problem-solving, group interaction, spiritual perception, nature appreciation, visual arts, music, physical activity and self-developed projects
  • Opportunities to learn cooperative teamwork with team assignments and assessments
  • Students who excel in any skill to teach other students, and help them outside the classroom
  • Relevant resources & skilled trainers to help students through reading & other learning difficulties
  • Methods and content that interact proactively with a quickly changing world
  • Increased access to computers and other devices as students grow more responsible
  • Equipping students to assess and improve their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth

Applying learning to life

  • Relevance of lessons to current developments on the 7 mountains of influence
  • Increasing participation in the 7 mountains of influence as students approach graduation
  • Development of habits of lifelong learning and solving problems with God
  • Promotions, based on thorough ongoing assessments, only when students are ready
  • Jobs available upon graduation which will utilize & develop students’ skills for the greater good
  • Preparing this generation for ongoing divine transformation at local, national & world levels


  • Know He is standing at the doors of our schools and knocking. Whenever just one teacher hears His voice and opens the door, He will come in, and bring divine order as more open up to Him
  • Open worship times to spontaneous prayer, and prayer times to spontaneous worship
  • Express how valuable each student is to Him
  • Students who don’t feel valued at school find false value in gang identity
  • Encourage students to enter into this season of making new music
  • See students as sunflowers with faces turned to God all day, growing in the light of His truth
  • The end of the school year is a time for appreciating how God has grown our minds & hearts together
  • Prepare the way for a great national awakening sustained by ongoing encounters with Him


Beginning with the most recent (see more in Testimonies

June 13, 2014. Jamaica’s Supreme Court issued an injunction reversing University of West Indies’ dismissal of long-time Professor Brendan Bain from his position as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network. Bain has spent decades researching AIDS and treating patients with AIDS. He had testified in Belize’s Supreme Court sodomy case that men who had sex with men were much more vulnerable to AIDS infection. For telling this proven truth UWI—under pressure from LGBT proponents—fired Bain. Protests in support of Bain around the Caribbean, including two in Belize on May 17 and 25, were well-covered by the media. 

October 15, 2013In response to concerns raised by church leaders on Oct. 8, the standing committee on the Belize rape bill held a public hearing on Oct. 15. Some items in the bill targeted sex crimes against children. But other items were worded in such a way as to actually open the door for adult predators and LGBT propaganda in schools. The government promised to change the wording in order to address church concerns. Many in the audience objected that we weren’t hearing the bill in its final form. Others pleaded for the inclusion of items not covered by the bill, such as measures against rampant pornography and against promotion of abortion—which is still illegal in Belize—and contraceptives to minors without parental consent. Audience opposition to anything about the new gender policy in the bill was so intense that the government has hardly promoted that policy at all since (as of June 2014).  

January 15, 2013. A 13-year-old Belize City schoolgirl who had run away from home with a 30+year-old boyfriend returned of her own accord and responded positively to counseling from her Christian principal.

Sept. 13, 2012. The Ministry of Education withdrew the “Health & Family Life Education” manual from all of Belize’s 300+ primary schools. Fifty percent of the manual was geared toward normalizing homosexuality, repeatedly referring to the anus as a sexual organ and encouraging kids to consider multiple same-sex partners as well as opposite sex partners. This manual had no mention of marriage, abstinence or the nuclear family as values. The Ministry promised to review it for revision or replacement by another manual.

July 20, 2012. A government committee agreed to extend the deadline for public response to its plan for decriminalization of marijuana, beyond the original four days, so that there can be a much fuller public discussion on this complex and critical issue. That will facilitate public awareness that marijuana smoking can impair learning, memory and driving ability, and cause cancer, and harm children of users. The teacher’s union later raised concerns that marijuana decriminalization would result in higher levels of drug use, disease, crime & behavioral problems.