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I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh”—Ezekiel 36:25-26

Prayer Campaign for SPIRITUAL LIFE in Belize

Purpose of Spiritual Life—To make disciples who grow together into the fullness of Christ through Spirit-led praise, prayer, preaching, prophecy and practice, bringing the kingdom of God to earth.

Current conditions:Belize’s constitution starts by affirming “that the Nation of Belize shall be founded on principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God” and adds “that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and upon the rule of law.” In 2010 84% of Belizeans identified themselves as Christians, down from 96% in 1986. No other faith claims more than 3%. The 0.65% who are Muslim are increasingly vocal, and the secret Masonic Temple membership has gained influence in the legal profession. Witchcraft is so widespread that it undermines much of what the church is able to accomplish. In Belize 50% of Christians are Catholic. Evangelicals have grown from 5% of Christians in 1960 to 19% in 2010.

Belize leads the world in one sad statistic: 90% of professed Christians don’t regularly attend church! The average church has a weekly attendance of 30 and weekly offering of US $59. So 70% of pastors are bi-vocational, with hardly enough time and money to conduct church services and maintain the building, let alone to equip the saints, or to receive more equipping themselves. Belize needs a major turnaround, sustained by ongoing prayer!



  • Pour out Your Spirit on all members of Your body, and abide in us
  • Bring down unnecessary walls betweenmembers of Your body
  • Raise up a Nehemiah wall of faithful intercessors aroundYour people
  • Make new and fruitful divinely-appointed connections among us
  • Convict Christians of cooperation with sin in the camp, or with witchcraft or curses
  • Show us how to turn Christian infighting into warfare against our real enemy
  • Help us with conflict resolution resulting in stronger unity
  • Don’t allow the enemy to sow suspicions and judgments in gaps of understanding
  • Pour Your grace, forgiveness and truth into gaps of understanding
  • Give us new mercies toward each other every morning
  • Make divine appointments for testimonies of relational and physical healings to multiply
  • Help us to express our struggles and victories in prayer, praise music, and arts
  • Give grace for new expressions as we integrate worship & prayer and develop new music
  • Show us how to bring drifting Christian youth into full participation with You and Your body
  • Break up youth cliques and adult sectarianism and develop a culture of honor
  • Integrate youth ministry and family ministry, honoring parents
  • True conversions, deep discipleship, and development of character, gifts, callings & leadership
  • Raise up servant-leaders who will equip the saints and raise up more leaders.
  • Bring us into deeper, fulfilling relationships with other members and the Head of the body
  • Thanks for answers to prayer that are keeping us busy
  • Grace to discern between busyness and the Father’s business
  • Grace to see beyond current activities to prepare for challenging seasons ahead
  • Help us enter fully into this Gilgal season of putting off old ways to make way for the new
  • Prepare Your church for coming seasons of facing giants, taking the land & reaping harvests with miraculous overcoming power
  • Understanding of the times and seasons as we approach the last days `
  • Disaster recovery plans & resources for churches to survive & help others overcome tribulation
  • Raise up the fivefold ministry to equip the saints to build up the Body for maximum impact on all seven mountains of influence in our communities, nation and world
  • Kingdom culture of ongoing renewal and transformation, generation after generation


  • Answer the Prime Minister’s desire to consult the church on key issues
  • Provide time to leaders and intercessors to pray for and find God’s will on national issues
  • Reveal the spiritual warfare behind these issues
  • Bring church leaders together to agree on righteous and biblical counsel on these issues, including the gay agenda, abortion, death penalty, eighth Amendment, and Israel’s borders
  • Show strategies to overcome giants in the land: debt & poverty, street crime, drug lords, cults,
  • Freemasonry, witchcraft, false religions, homosexual agenda, abortion, sexual immorality
  • Raise up powerful ministries and real alternatives for women who are considering abortion
  • Make a distinction between the camp of Your people and the camp of unbelievers
  • Affirm the “supremacy of God” and “position of family” in our constitution in response to the godless anti-family gay agenda
  • Release inner healing ministries to free those who are in bondage to homosexual desires
  • Pour out Your Spirit on gays, gang members & EMOs for life-changing testimonies
  • Expose drug cartel lords and bring freedom to those under their influence
  • Expose and defeat any plans against church unity and the sovereignty of Belize 
  • Bring us into right relationships with church leaders in Guatemala and Mexico
  • Defend our borders as we pray for Israel’s divinely-ordained borders to remain secure


  • He wants us to be good to our word as He is good to His word
  • He will release words, dreams and visions to those called to be pillars of prayer
  • With those pillars He will raise up this tabernacle of prayer to cover Belize
  • He wants to give His people new hearts & minds for new seasons of national breakthroughs
  • We will increase in unity as we face the challenges to this nation together
  • He is extending the prayer movement into the police and other government departments
  • He wants us to respond to gang violence and other threats to society with faith, not fear
  • We need to let Him search our hearts for sources of personal & relational conflicts
  • He is healing hurts in the Body of Christ and bringing us into right relationships
  • He is assembling the bones of His body, and will give flesh, sinews and breath to make us an exceedingly great army filled with one Holy Spirit
  • The dry bones of His body are making a rattling sound as they come together in unity
  • This rattling sound is relational conflicts coming to the surface which God wants resolved
  • Those who resolve conflicts will receive sinews, flesh and breath to rise as a great army
  • Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness
  • Attacks on Belize’s borders represent Satan’s attacks on the growing unity of the church
  • More relationships with church leaders in Guatemala and Mexico will help secure our borders
  • The more we pray for Israel’s eternally-given borders, the more God will protect our borders
  • He wants us to trade our sorrows for the joy of the Lord, which is our strength
  • He wants us to experience the height and depth and width and breadth of His love


Beginning with the most recent (see more in Testimonies)

February 3, 2014. In all six districts of Belize, plus the capital Belmopan, church leaders have agreed to form new chapters of the Belize Association of Evangelical ChurchesThis will give evangelicals a voice in the nation that will more fully represent all of Belize. The BAEC has also agreed to a new interim leadership, composed of the chairmen of each district chapter plus the current president & treasurer. Plans are underway for a larger National Evangelical Council for rapid responses to key issues. This comes at a time when Belizeans look to the church for an alternative to the government’s pro-LGBT gender policy. And the BAEC with the Belize Council of Churches has provided it, in the form of a comprehensive critique, which the government has yet to counter.

October 15, 2013In response to concerns raised by church leaders on Oct. 8, the standing committee on the Belize rape bill held a public hearing on Oct. 15. Some items in the bill targeted sex crimes against children. But other items were worded in such a way as to actually open the door for adult predators and LGBT propaganda in schools. The government promised to change the wording in order to address church concerns. Many in the audience objected that we weren’t hearing the bill in its final form. Others pleaded for the inclusion of items not covered by the bill, such as measures against rampant pornography and against promotion of abortion—which is still illegal in Belize—and contraceptives to minors without parental consent. Audience opposition to anything about the new gender policy in the bill was so intense that the government has hardly promoted that policy at all since (as of June 2014).  

August 13, 2013. Dozens of leaders from both the Evangelical Association and the Belize Council of Churches met to share their proposed changes to the government’s pro-LGBT gender policy. They overcame recent differences in response and agreed on all the changes. All leaders present signed a statement in support of the one combined document articulating the church’s full response to the policy.

July 2-20, 2013. Nearly 10,000 people participated in Constitution Marches in all the six districts of Belize. These marches highlighted the provisions in the Constitution concerning the family, the “supremacy of God,” and disease prevention. Belize Action organized this nationwide response to the government’s new pro-LGBT gender policy.

May 6-10, 2013. Hundreds of intercessors turned out nightly to pray against the sodomy lawsuit before the Supreme Court. Just as we prayed, God confused the arguments of two top foreign lawyers, who based their case on foreign precedents. Our lawyers based their case on the Belize constitution, and argued that only the Belizean people should have the authority to change Belizean mores.

Early April, 2013. Pastor Howell Longsworth of Eagle’s Nest joined Mayor Darrell Bradley, in a visit to Belize City’s sister city San Benito, Guatemala. San Benito’s local evangelical association of 450 churches displayed the Belizean flag—despite the political border dispute—and committed to ongoing partnership and joint prayer initiatives with the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches—a breakthrough in Belize’s difficult relationship with Guatemala.

February 15, 2013. Dozens of men came to the Strong Men’s Rally small group initiative in Belize City to learn how to start men’s groups for encouragement and accountability on how to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers.

May 27, 2012. God brought together the biggest Belize City prayer meeting in recent memory for the Pentecost Sunday Global Day of Prayer, including participation by Spanish-speaking speakers and attenders. God sent His Spirit with powerful anointings on the prayer leaders. At the end everyone present made 30+ declarations for Belize in unison that pastors & leaders previously agreed to, and we expect God will release great power for Belize as a result!

More answers:

  • Unity in the body of Christ in Belize, in response to the lawsuit to legalize sodomy
  • The Belize City Police Department prayer movement and city neighborhood outreach
  • Prime Minister Barrow committed to regularly consult with church leaders on national issues
  • The Belize Council of Churches and the BAEC are seeking more agreement on national issues
  • Success of the ongoing church-sponsored awareness campaign about the gay agenda
  • Repudiation by 41 Commonwealth nations of UK financial pressures to adopt gay agenda
  • Postponement of sodomy lawsuit hearing from April to October to December to January 2012
  • Abandonment of abortion legalization & cutbacks in Belize City branch of Planned Parenthood
  • More Christian events to draw young people back to God

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  1. we are praying for Belize and the leaders of your country.

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