Drug Cartel Uses Firepower to Attack Mexico

PRAY WITH US about drug cartel uses firepower, that God will: launch a crusade of repentance to counter the crusade of vengeance that the Jalisco New Generation (JNG) cartel is launching. So that waves of repentance will reach into the cartels and deliver people from their clutches. Protect former cartel members so much that they […] Continue reading →

Economic Recovery & Antivirus Strategies

PRAY WITH US on seeking economic recovery. Father God, You sit enthroned above the highest heavens. Yet because of Your Son Jesus, we can approach Your throne of grace with confidence. We seek Your mercy and help in this time of deep need. In Belize we had already sunk far over our heads in debt. […] Continue reading →

Latin America Fights Coronavirus Invasion

PRAY for Latin America Fights Coronavirus Invasion, that God will: Lead the leaders in the region to close the gaps inside and between their nations. Identify every case so that those infected can take proper measures and not spread the virus. Give believers wisdom to guard themselves and loved ones. Show them how to walk […] Continue reading →