Family-friendly church-friendly curricula

family friendly church friendly curricula

PRAYER ALERTon family-friendly church-friendly curricula. Belize has signed international commitments which compromise our Constitution. Specifically, our Constitution upholds the “supremacy of God” and freedom of religious expression. But certain of our international commitments restrict religious expression. They discourage any mention of God. How do we remain true to our commitments both to God and to other nations?

Somehow, some people in UNICEF, of all places, found a way. In 2006 they wrote K-12 curricula guides for Belize and other Caribbean countries. Since they are UN documents, they must abide by international agreements. Yet I find these curricula guides both family-friendly and church-friendly.

They urge schools to “respect the inherent rights of parents/guardians for their children and endeavor to establish co-operative relationships.” Instead of taking the place of the parents and church, the school must assist them. For example, under “Key Ideas” it says that the school “must augment the socialization role of the family and other social and religious institutions”. It does so “in order to assist in preventing/minimizing those expressions of sexuality that are detrimental to the emotional and physical health and wellbeing.”

Church-state cooperation vs. nanny state

Elsewhere, it asserts that “Sexual role behaviours and values of teachers and children are conditioned by family values and practices, religious beliefs, and social and cultural norms…” Thank God that a UN agency actually acknowledges that!

Too often UN agencies promote a nanny state that that tries to change family values and practices and religious beliefs. The nanny state usurps authority from the parents and the church. It promotes sexual experimentation by children at alarmingly early ages. Accordingly, it substitutes LGBT values for family values. Too often it belittles religious beliefs and exalts secular humanism.

So I told Mr. Newport about the family-friendly, church-friendly UNICEF curricula guidelines. He looked them up. Not only that, he replied that there should be widespread agreement that schools should emphasize right relations with families and those families’ churches.


Father God, we exalt You as Maker of the universe. You are the highest authority on every subject. You gave us life and the skills and means to live our lives. So we glorify You. We thank You for giving Belize’s founders the wisdom to acknowledge Your Supremacy. Restore those foundations. Make plain to our government and schools that all good things come from You.

Open the way for right relations with students’ parents and churches. Also, help them understand and cooperate with Your good plans for each student. Lead them not into temptation to compromise with the drug or LGBT agendas. Deliver them from the plans of the evil one to corrupt their tender lives. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. The best leaders have learned first to be led by God (see Dt. 31:14-23).

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