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Dallas police shooting ends with gunman dead

PRAYER ALERT: Amid heavy criticism of law enforcement tactics, police stations around the US are on alert for citizen attacks against police. In the latest incident on June 13 a white man, James Boulware, 35, strode up to the Dallas police headquarters with an assault weapon. He sprayed more than 30 bullets into the lobby. […] Continue reading →

Turkey elections unseat ruling Islamic party

PRAYER ALERT: Sunday’s Turkey elections broke President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 13-year-long iron-fisted rule. Though he was not on the ballot, Erdogan’s pro-Islam Justice & Development Party (AKP) won only 41% of the vote and 258 seats in Turkey’s 550-seat parliament. The AKP needed to win 276 seats in the Turkey elections to stay in power. […] Continue reading →

Muslim Brotherhood support is now US policy

PRAYER ALERT: A Washington Times source has revealed a secret US policy of Muslim Brotherhood support. This policy is outlined in the Presidential Study Directive-11. It reportedly favors the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” alternative to ISIS and al Qaeda. And yet the Muslim Brotherhood has been identified as a parent organization to many terrorist […] Continue reading →

Decriminalizing weed leads to slippery slope

BPN REVELATIONS. Louis Wade, Director of PLUS-TV, on decriminalizing weed: If we look beyond the issue of decriminalizing weed in the local scenario, we can see that the issue is much greater than the possession of ten grams of weed. The devil is trying to liberalize a whole host of things around the world, whether drug use […] Continue reading →

Libyan migrants to Italy —a Trojan horse?

PRAYER ALERT: In one day alone, on May 29, more than 4200 Libyan migrants to Italy were rescued off Libya’s coast. German and Irish navy vessels helped Italian military craft in 22 separate rescue operations. They found 17 of the migrants dead. Last year Italy rescued about 170,000 migrants at sea. This year it expects […] Continue reading →

Rohingya Muslims stranded in Indian Ocean

PRAYER ALERT: On Friday May 29 Thailand hosted a meeting in Bangkok of representatives of 17 countries. All of them are affected in some way by increasing waves of migrating Rohingya Muslims. Until May, human traffickers had been extorting high fees for sea passage for thousands of Rohingya Muslims to mostly Muslim Malaysia. These Muslim […] Continue reading →

Global Day of Prayer 2015 Belize City extracts

Intro to Group Prayer: This Global Day of Prayer 2015 is one of the few times that the body of Christ in the Belize District gets together and there is so much to do. There are hurts and pains all around the body of Christ. As I’ve been calling pastors and intercessors I have never heard such hurt expressed before. And because […] Continue reading →

ISIS takes Ramadi and 60% of Anbar Province

PRAYER ALERT: On May 14 ISIS launched a blitz against Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province, after besieging it for weeks. ISIS captured the northern parts of the city and closed in on the periphery. Observers feared that if ISIS takes Ramadi, Iraqi troops would flee. That is what happened when ISIS took Mosul, […] Continue reading →

Shiite militias challenge ISIS for Ramadi

PRAYER ALERT: On May 17 Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq ordered Shiite militias to go into Sunni-dominated Anbar Province. Many Sunnis fear that these militias have come to fulfill Iran’s ambition of completely dominating Iraq. They consider Shiite militias as much their enemies as ISIS—which at least is a Sunni movement. Ramadi grocery-store owner […] Continue reading →

Belize & Guatemala again seek vote on border

BC-HOP Government & Economy Prayer. Belize and Guatemala soon expect to sign an amendment to the 2008 agreement on their border dispute. Each country had agreed to hold a referendum letting voters decide whether to submit the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In 2013 Guatemala backed out of the agreement. It charged […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram escapees suffer trauma, ostracism

PRAYER ALERT: In one week, from April 26 to May 2, Nigeria’s military rescued 677 captive girls and women from the clutches of Boko Haram. The rescue attempts were fraught with danger. As they heard the rescuers approach, Boko Haram fighters stoned many captives to death. They used other captives as human shields. Several captives […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram losing ground to African coalition

PRAYER ALERT: From the time a mass prison break swelled its ranks in September 2010, until January 2015, Nigeria’s armed forces have faced Boko Haram mostly alone. They could not put up much of a fight as the jihadist group took town after town. Since 2009 Boko Haram has killed 13,000 civilians, burned about one […] Continue reading →

Premarital sex, or courtship before marriage?

Family & Education Prayer: We know that many boys drop out of high school and face fewer work opportunities as a result. But many girls are also dropping out to run off with boyfriends. Sometimes this happens with their parents’ consent, sometimes because they are being abused at home. This premarital sex results in pregnancy […] Continue reading →

US Supreme Court endangers Family & Church

PRAYER ALERT: If, as widely expected, the US Supreme Court forces all 50 states to legalize same-sex marriage, it will turn the whole nation upside-down. Not only that, it will “presag[e] the fall of Western civilization itself”, according to Dr. James Dobson. Long a foremost expert on families, Dr. Dobson warns that support of one-man […] Continue reading →

“Homosexuality an abomination of desolation”

PRAYER ALERT: In Leviticus 18:23 God calls homosexuality an abomination. With good reason, world-known prophetic minister Rick Joyner now calls homosexuality an abomination that causes desolation. “Because homosexuality is referred to as an abomination in Scripture, and its impact on Western culture is so quickly and profoundly desolating the moral fabric of Western civilization, it […] Continue reading →

Belize church leaders to simplify constitution

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 1: The nation now awaits the final reshaping of new constitution of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. The first draft was revised and expanded again and again. The more it grew, the more there was to disagree about. Finally, Belize church leaders realized that we had to reduce it back to essentials […] Continue reading →

Mahdi: the Islamic Antichrist?

PRAYER ALERT: Will the Antichrist be a radical Muslim? In The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson says that Islam’s end-times messiah, the Mahdi, matches in many ways the Antichrist of the Bible. Even more surprisingly, Richardson says that Muslims believe Jesus Christ will return. But instead of establishing His kingdom on earth, they say He will […] Continue reading →

Extreme Muslims inspired by coming of Mahdi

PRAYER ALERT: Muslims differ over how and when their “Messiah”—the Mahdi—will rise to power. But most of them agree that his coming will be the first sign that the Last Day is near. And many extreme Muslims are motivated by the belief that jihadist warfare will precipitate the Mahdi’s long-awaited conquest of the world. That is […] Continue reading →