Cuban Evangelicals Face Clash over Family Code

cuban evangelicals face clash

Cuban LGBT leader Mariela Castro (photo by Montrealais)

PRAY WITH US over Cuban Evangelicals Face Clash over Family Code

  1. That God will guide the consultation process for the Family Code. That He will turn the hearts of the fathers and mothers toward their children, and away from LGBT marriages and adoptions.
  2. That the gospel will spread unhindered in Cuba. That it will bring such a blessing in changed lives that evangelicals will gain more favor and freedom.
  3. That God will turn Cuba away from its authoritarian past. That freedom of choice will increase, and with that more will hear the gospel and choose Jesus.

DailyInsight. Jesus joined our human family so that we may join His divine family (see Heb. 2:10-15).

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Cuba bars evangelicals from attending US religious freedom ministerial


Cuba bars evangelicals from attending US religious freedom ministerial:

EXCERPT BY SAMUEL SMITH. Four prominent Cuban evangelical leaders reported prevention by regime officials from traveling to the United States last week to participate in the State Department’s historic Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. 

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom reported last week that Moises de Prada, the president of the Assemblies of God in Cuban; Alida Leon Baez, the head of the Cuban Evangelical League; Rev. Dariel Llanes, president of the Western Baptist Convention of Cuba; and Toledano Valiente from Cuba’s Apostolic Movement were stopped by government officials before they were able to board planes bound for the U.S on July 13 and July 14.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide notes that Prada and Baez are founding members of the newly established Cuban Evangelical Alliance (AIEC), a coalition of seven denominations created “in the defense of Biblical values” after the denominations expressed concern they did not feel represented by the Cuban Council of Churches.

Family Code Hangs in Balance as Cuban Evangelicals Face Clash

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