Caribbean Pastors Warn: Belize’s Pro-LGBT Ruling Threatens Democracy

caribbean pastors warn

This proposed law would have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and religion.

PRAYER ALERT about Caribbean pastors warn. Pray for God to:

1.    Slow down this rush to judgment. Instead, give Belizeans time to consider the far-reaching implications of this bill. During this election year in Belize, turn the nation toward righteousness and not toward officially-approved perversions of justice.

2.    Expose all the ways in which this bill is anti-constitutional and anti-Christian. Reveal the snares which would trap innocent people with righteous convictions in a new system of injustice.

3.    Hear the cries of His people against judicial tyranny. Replace this bill with a true plan of liberty and justice for all. Also raise up leaders who will serve to deliver us from such evils. And to chart a course toward His good will for Belize and the Caribbean.

PRAYER ALERT: Caribbean Pastors Warn: Belize’s Pro-LGBT Ruling Threatens Democracy

Caribbean CAUSE, a regional group of ministers and doctors from 14 territories, recently sounded the alarm after the Belize Court of Appeal upholding the Chief Justice’s ruling for a “sex change” in the Belize Constitution. Specifically, the Chief Justice changed the word “sex” to “sexual orientation.” This came soon after he single-handedly legalized sodomy.

CAUSE denounced such “tyranny of activist judges”. They called it a “dangerous precedent that is a threat to our democracies.” Moreover, their predicted threat is rapidly starting to come true.

Immediately after the appeal court decision, Belizean politicians began pushing through a pro-LGBT “Equal Opportunities” bill. The name serves as a cover for a new separate court system that can act as judge, jury, plaintiff, investigator, prosecutor and enforcer. It can deny anyone accused of discrimination—notably against LGBTs—of a lawyer and even of a hearing. It assumes he is guilty until proven innocent. Also, it considers his motive or awareness of the discrimination irrelevant.

There are so many vaguely-worded possible infractions that anyone might break this law unawares. The bill has 127 sections—about 90% of the length of the Constitution. Furthermore, it declares itself higher than any law except the Constitution. And politicians are trying to rush it through the legislature before anyone has time to assess its far-ranging implications, such as violating freedom of speech and religion. Tomorrow is the deadline for emailing objections against this bill to the National AIDS Commission. So let us pray for the Supreme Judge and God of all to overrule such bills and rulings.

DailyInsight. When one man uses perceived injustice against him to justify his injustice against others, injustice multiplies (see 2 Sam. 13-14).

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