LGBT History Curriculum Required by NJ & CA

Will promoting LGBT history mean censoring Christian history?

PRAY WITH US about LGBT History Curriculum Required by NJ & CA.  Father God, we praise Your creation. For You made us, male and female, to become one flesh in marriage, and to be fruitful and multiply. But we confess we have fallen far from the way You created us to be. Not only have marriages and families broken apart. Now our authorities are commanding us to exalt abomination and give sexual perverts special rights. So ask You to show us the way back to Your good graces and Your good plan.

Expose the LGBT agenda as the devil’s agenda. Convict the authorities who have promoted this agenda of grievous sin against those they rule. Give them grace to stop calling evil good and good evil, and to turn to You. Bring about a great revival of righteousness in the land. And a great restoration of families to Your original design. Show authorities how to humble themselves and repent of causing so many to sin. As they do, lift them up and establish them in Your ways. You have turned nations from their wickedness to Your righteousness many times before. Do it again, in Jesus name, amen.  


PRAYER ALERT: LGBT History Curriculum Required by NJ & CA

New Jersey now requires all its schools to start teaching LGBT history within one year. It becomes the second state after California to do so.

Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, warns that the whole nation is following this trend. He rightly says that schools “have increasingly become anti-Christian churches of secular humanism indoctrinating generations of kids in moral relativism… many teachers are priests of humanism.”

The law forces compliance even on Christian schools which object to LGBT immorality. In fact, the law applies to all spheres of public life. Specifically, it requires boards of education to portray the “political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

What happened to religious freedom? Or to political, economic and social freedom? Why must LGBT people get special rights to promote their perversity, while other groups get second-class treatment?

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