Latin America Fights Coronavirus Invasion

Pray that God disables this virus inside and out.

PRAY for Latin America Fights Coronavirus Invasion, that God will:

  1. Lead the leaders in the region to close the gaps inside and between their nations. Identify every case so that those infected can take proper measures and not spread the virus.
  2. Give believers wisdom to guard themselves and loved ones. Show them how to walk in faith and peace and not in panic.
  3. Answer our many prayers with great testimonies of healing. Release divine immunity on those not infected, especially on emergency responders. Strengthen His supernatural shield around every nation.

PRAYER ALERT: Latin America Fights Coronavirus Invasion

By March 13, each of the 13 countries in South America had confirmed at least one case of Coronavirus. Three days later, leaders of nine of those countries participated in a conference call.  They sought to coordinate their efforts to fight back against the virus. Already Peru had deployed its military to block major roads in order to enforce social distancing. Paraguay had imposed an 8 pm curfew, allowing only food deliveries and crucial transport to pass.

The four non-participating countries were Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Instead, Venezuela asked for a $5 billion anti-Covid-19 loan from the International Monetary Fund. Though it had long denounced the IMF, Venezuela became the first country to make such a request.

In Central America, only Belize, El Salvador and Nicaragua had yet to confirm a Covid-19 case. Also, of the Caribbean island nations, only Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, and St. Kitts & Nevis had no confirmations. This report includes updates up to March 17. So pray for a divine immunity within and a supernatural shield around this whole region.

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