Trump Targets Easter Reopening for Church & Business  

Trump targets Easter openingPRAYER ALERT on Trump Targets Easter Reopening. President Trump is boosting the hopes of many by aiming at Easter to reopen much activity in the US. Specifically, he says he wants church services to start again then. In reaction, many are saying that Trump is defying science. While science can tell us much of what to do about this virus, God can tell science what to do. Because He created science. Already scientists and health officials are working to make that Easter date a reality. And, instead of languishing in despair, many employers and employees are getting ready go back to work.

Between now and Easter, Christians should join in the prayer of faith. Let us pray against the spirit of fear which has allowed this virus in. And pray that the power of Christ’s blood will drive this virus out in massive, unmistakable ways. We want a testimony to the world that Jesus Christ is the antidote to all our ills. Furthermore, pray that on Resurrection Sunday the Body of Christ worldwide will start to gather again. That we will emerge all the stronger for overcoming this crisis. And that God will release His power to the rest of the world for healing and great harvests of souls. For He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

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