Covid-19 Lockdown Food Relief on Central American Streets

Covid-19 Lockdown food reliefPRAYER ALERT on Covid-19 lockdown food relief. How do the homeless and destitute survive during a pandemic lockdown? With streets mostly empty, they can find few people to ask for handouts. And even those few people are struggling to survive on little or no income.

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In every Central American nation, Remar helps to fill in the gap. Several days a week, Remar is handing out dozens of packaged meals in the streets of each of the biggest cities. In Guatemala City alone, people must get their meals inside a church. Endemic crime on the streets outside present too great a danger for food distribution.  

Remar Belize is a case in point. It receives donations from poultry companies, bakeries and other food suppliers. It has special permission from the police to hand out food packages at strategic points. During this crisis, Remar members are wearing masks and gloves and practicing social distancing. But that does not prevent them from reaching people at their point of need. And inviting them to join Remar’s life of discipleship.

New life of discipleship

Remar stands for REhabilitation of MARginalized People. Based in Spain, it has branches in 70 countries. Moreover, all its 70,000 members are former street people. When you join Remar, you agree to a complete life of discipleship. This includes doing everything together: working, worshipping, praying, serving, eating and living. Sounds like what the first 12 disciples did with Jesus!

In this way, discipleship is not only taught but caught. New members learn from the personal examples other former street people how to break old habits of drugs, alcohol, begging, petty crime and prostitution, by the power of the Holy Spirit. They can rise in the ranks by becoming Responsibles and Pastors. They can even become missionaries for Remars in other nations.

Each Remar seeks to support itself by running small businesses staffed by members. For instance, Remar Belize raises crops and farm animals on a rural farm. Also, it runs a furniture store, clothing store and soap-production & distribution business. Beyond that, most of what it receives in donations, it gives away in feeding programs.

We must pray for more outreach ministries that not only feed, serve and disciple people, but equip them to feed, serve and disciple others

PRAY for Covid-19 Lockdown Food Relief that God will:

1.       Mobilize churches and ministries to work together to reach more homeless and marginalized people. Also, to prepare and supply churches and ministries for future crises. And to minister to people body and soul.

2.       Disciple the new converts so that they don’t fall back into their old ways. And train them in new ways of God-empowered living with the new life He has given them.

3.       Protect Remar and other relief workers, who are meeting people’s needs, from this seriously contagious virus. Drive back the power of this virus in every place where infection has spread. And bring prosperity to every place that the virus has impoverished, in Jesus’ all-powerful name.

Click here for 7 min. video on Rescue Operations Will Grow Churches During Disasters

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