Dry rainy season produces costly drought

dry rainy season

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PRAY WITH US about dry rainy season:

Father God, You are Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in them. You gave us dominion over the earth, to cultivate it. But only You can bring the rains. So we humble ourselves and pray. We seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways. You say if we do so, You will forgive our sins and heal the land.  

Therefore in this time of drought, lead us into prayer and not into despair. Show us the sins of the nation that we must repent of. Our recession has lasted for years, for our sins are many. But do not let us go further into poverty. As sin has abounded, let Your grace much more abound. During the September celebrations, we want to celebrate Your goodness and grace in making Belize an independent nation. Show us Your plans to prosper and not to harm us, and to give us Your hope and Your future. In Jesus’ name, amen.

PRAYER ALERT: Dry rainy season produces costly drought

Farmers in Belize have lost $2.5 million on ruined corn crops until now, according to Peter Dyck of Northern Grains Cooperative. He added that they stand to lose another $2.3 million on soybean crops unless the rains return soon. Belize’s rainy season began in June. At that time, Blue Creek farmers say they planted over 1400 acres of land. Enough rain fell for the crops to sprout. But due to the subsequent drought, they have harvested only 400 of those acres.

Most farmers cannot afford the expensive irrigation systems that can help the crops to mature. Many are now using the ruined crops as feed for limited cattle ranching. If the drought continues, it would affect other industries and businesses for months to come. It could even strain household water supplies. According to Ronald Gordon, a Belize Meteorological Service climatologist, creeks and lagoons are drying up. We must pray for God to bring plentiful rain and heal the land.

DailyInsight. A solution may be divine yet not supernatural. Joseph didn’t multiply grain in Egypt, but knew how to distribute it (See Gen. 41).

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