China Rivals US for Clout in Belize & Americas

China rivals US

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PRAY WITH US about China rivals US: Father God, You are Lord of the nations great and small. Thus You watch over their doings far more than we do. Moreover, You set limits on their activity. Without Your restraints, China might wage war against Taiwan, and the US against China. Also, Russia might wage war against the US over Venezuela and Cuba. Belize has relations with all of them. Therefore we seek You for guidance amid these global power struggles.

You make wars to cease to the ends of the earth. So we ask You to establish peace and understanding among these nations. For Your government and peace will have no end. We ask You to show Belize how to play its part in promoting most favourable conditions for the gospel to spread in these nations. Help them to value freedom of speech, of worship, and of association within wise laws. Accordingly, establish those authorities who will protect these freedoms. And bring the fullness of the Gentiles into Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.

PRAYER ALERT: China Rivals US for Clout in Belize & Americas

On August 16th, Belize PM Barrow introduced a motion for a US $50 million loan from Taiwan. Taiwan is a major US ally. This would give Belize a boost in its current recession. But first, PM Barrow criticized a trip to Taiwan’s enemy, mainland China, by PUP Caribbean Shores representative Kareem Musa. This trip included two Belize City Council members. Barrow voiced US concerns that Belize might switch its allegiance from Taiwan to China—the US’ main rival for world power—just as El Salvador, Panama and the Dominican Republic had already done.

But Musa called the trip merely personal and educational. He claimed that the Belize-Chinese Association invited him. However, the BCA denied it. Love-FM reported that Musa was actually invited by mainland China’s Zhi Gong Party. Zhi Gong is an officially authorized party. At times it serves as intermediary for China with foreign interests.

Later a US diplomat addressed this issue. On October 27-28 Julie Chung of the US State Department visited Belize. She works as an official for Western Hemisphere Affairs. She met with PM Barrow, Opposition Leader Briceno, and the Taiwanese and Japanese ambassadors to Belize. Chung expressed US concern over the growing influence of Cuba and China in the region. Specifically, Chung attributed the unrest in Venezuela to Cuba’s influence. She urged Belize to push back against the Maduro regime there. Furthermore, she stressed the benefits of Belize’s ties to the US. We must pray that Belize will navigate these global power struggles carefully and wisely. That Belize will stand against forces for oppressive statism. And that we affirm constitutional democracy as favorable for world evangelization.

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