Will China Surpass US as Post-Covid World Leader?

PRAY WITH US about will China overtake US. Father God, we exalt You alone as King of kings and Lord of lords. For wisdom and power belong to You. You change the times and epochs. And You remove kings and establish kings. We thank You that through the epochs Christian leaders led the way in winning rights and freedoms for all, that nations had never had before.

With all its faults You have established the US as the leading influence for rights and freedoms. But now it faces threats to that influence from within and without. Instead of attacking freedoms, we ask that China learns the blessings of freedom of expression and free markets. Instead of falling to godless socialism, we ask that the US relearn the blessings of freedom and equality for all men. For we want all to be free to choose Christ and to live for Christ. Because He is life itself. In Jesus’ name, amen.


PRAYER ALERT: Will China Surpass US as Post-Covid World Leader?

No one can dispute now that China intentionally released Covid-19 around the world. This pandemic has shaken and continues to shake economies globally. Many suspect China unleashed the virus so that the world would suffer with it. Otherwise, if it had kept the virus from spreading, China would have fallen back in its drive to world pre-eminence.

The US has maintained its pre-eminence at a high price. First, the $2.2 trillion CARES act has kept many corporations and small businesses, .state and local government, and hospitals and the unemployed from running out of money. Also, the US had to make huge amounts of money available to foreign investors who sought refuge in the US dollar.

The Chinese renminbi (RMB) remains the greatest rival to the US dollar. Yet it cannot make much further progress without moving to a more market-driven economy. Until then, China’s markets and corporations are still too driven by communist party control to gain the flexibility needed to lead the world economy.

But the US runs the risk of falling into the same trap. If the Democrats win in November, their socialist wing will push new expensive government programs. And they will impose more controls on businesses,  curbing their flexibility in global trade.

Will the world have to choose between a socialist US and a communist China?


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