Obamacare website called worst & costliest ever

Obamacare website

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius failed to reassure Americans that the costly Obamacare website could be fixed

PRAYER ALERT: Many saw the US Congress budget showdown in late September as a chance to stop or delay Obamacare. Now the Obamacare website is doing that to itself. At an Oct. 30 Congressional hearing HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that “access to HealthCare.gov has been a miserably frustrating experience for way too many Americans.” And this experience comes at a high price, just when the government is trying to bring its budget under control. According to WND, The website that critics call both the worst and the most expensive in history cost taxpayers a reported $634,320,919 to build.”

First, the Obamacare website is called the worst website ever. Thousands of users are getting no responses, error codes, wrong responses, and messages to wait and come back later. About 16 million Americans who are now deprived of their current insurance by Obamacare rules need to be reinsured. About 19 million have visited the Obamacare website so far. But only 476,000 have applied for health insurance. And the insurance companies report that many applications they are getting through the website are incomplete, inaccurate and/or garbled. The Obama Administration refuses to reveal how many website visitors have successfully bought policies. Without enough people buying policies, there won’t be enough money for Obamacare to work.

Second, the Obamacare website has already cost $634+ million. By far this is the highest price ever paid for a website. As a comparison, for $18 million the Four Seasons chain started what they called one of the world’s costliest websites in 2011. The Obamacare website will need still more money for what it calls a “surge” of technicians to fix all its glitches.

But can they be fixed? “If you start throwing people in and start having them just fixing bugs,” says James Turner of Beeonics, “it could be a recipe for disaster where you end up with more bugs than when you started.” And websites which are already integrated, up and running, and getting users are more difficult to overhaul.. “As we all know in the software industry…,” George Edwards of Quandary Peak Research comments, “the later you find problems, the harder they are to fix.”

Can they find good technicians willing to stake their reputations on such a risky venture? Besides the main contractor, CGI Federal, no other IT companies will admit that they made a bid on the project. And can they find the subscribers needed to make it work? People may hesitate further when they find that the IRS is a major player and has access to all the Obamacare website data.

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Access to Obamacare website is frustrating

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