Emergency Family Plan as Hurricane Season Peak Nears

emergency family planPRAY WITH US for emergency family plan. Father God, You are Lord of the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them. You keep storms, plagues and shakings under Your command. We thank You that You have so often answered our prayers by steering storms away from Belize. You have kept Covid-19 cases to a minimum, though they have multiplied across our borders. And You have spared Belize from wars, earthquakes, terrors and other plagues.

But now we renew our call for your gracious protection. A locust swarm is sweeping over nearby Guatemala. Coronavirus keeps spreading elsewhere on our continent. The height of hurricane season is approaching. And You said that plagues will come like birth pangs as we near the end. So we humble ourselves, pray, and seek Your face. We confess our wicked ways, and turn from them to You. Hear us, forgive us, and heal our land instead of sending more plagues. Belize is small and vulnerable. But You are great and all-powerful. Show Your greatness and power, so that instead of struggling through plagues we may glorify Your grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.  

PRAYER ALERT: Emergency Family Plan as Hurricane Season Peak Nears

We are nearing the Aug-Nov peak of the hurricane season. Thank God He has so often turned hurricanes away from Belize in answer to prayer! And He has spared us from all but a few dozen cases of Covid-19. But Jesus warned us that in various place earthquakes, plagues, famines and terrors would come (Lk. 21:11). This does not mean the end, but only “the beginning of birth pangs” (Mt. 24:8).

In response, we should both keep in prayer, and prepare. Thus NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization) has provided an Emergency Family Plan. It urges each family to:

·         Buy enough non-perishable food and water for at least three days—better, six weeks.

·         Put together a Family Emergency Kit with first aid & medical supplies, hygiene items, clothes, radio, flashlights, etc.

·         Seal all important documents in plastic bags and/or record them on flash drives.

·         Secure your property before you evacuate, in the event of a Category 3 or higher hurricane.

·         And so forth with several other precautions, all on one page.

Print out the whole Emergency Family Plan and put it on a wall or refrigerator. Better prepare now to be safe, instead of to be sorry later.

Belize needs more hurricane shelters

 In the event of a Category 3 hurricane or higher, NEMO will advise Belize District residents to evacuate. Click here for meeting locations for people in each electoral division. There buses will take people to prearranged shelters.

 But Belize has limited shelters for the public. So we appeal to you to make your own arrangements with friends or family in the West. Especially those with safe homes on higher ground. We advise that you travel there and stay there for the duration of the crisis.

 Also, if you can provide a temporary hurricane shelter, call 601-0174. NEMO’s Kwame Scott will advise you on what that requires. Basically, a sturdy building with an upper floor and a good roof should do fine. Or if you know of someone who does have such a building, have them contact him. Lives may be saved as a result!

 Note: Most Belize District communities have their own shelters. But some like Ladyville and La Democracia have meeting locations for buses to take people to Orange Walk or Belmopan.

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