US military fights Christians, favors enemies

us military

The Pentagon, across the Potomac from Washington DC

PRAYER ALERT: On Memorial Day let us remember how the US military and this nation were started. George Washington became the first US Commander in Chief in 1775 and the first US President in 1789, both by unanimous votes. As Commander in Chief Washington exhorted his men to pray daily. He credited many victories to the direct intervention of God.

In his First Inaugural Address as President to Congress, Washington offered “in this first official Act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the Universe…In tendering this homage, I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own, nor those of my fellow citizens at large…No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men, more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency…” He started the tradition of taking his oath of office on with one hand laid on the Bible, and ending it with “so help me God.” At the end of his speech, President Washington and Congress proceeded through cheering crowds to a church service.

What would Washington and those founding fathers think today of a US military which is fighting God and the Christian faith in so many ways? Below this video you can see several examples*:

June 2011 – The Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at Houston National Cemetery.

September 2011 – Air Force Chief of Staff prohibits commanders from notifying airmen of programs and services available to them from chaplains.

September 2011 – The Army issues guidelines for Walter Reed Medical Center stipulating that “No religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading materials and/or facts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.”

September 2011 – The US military ended its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and begins allowing open gays and lesbians to serve. Now headlines in major media lament the leap in military sexual assaults from 19,000 a year in 2011 to 26,000 in 2012. Most such assaults are men on men. Why don’t they connect the dots?

September 2012 – In response to the murder of 97 US and NATO troops in a 3-year span by Afghan allies, the Pentagon mandates more intensive training in “sensitivity to Muslims and the Koran.”

April 2013 – The Pentagon reveals that Major Nidal Hasan has been paid $278,000 while awaiting trial for killing 13 fellow servicemen at Fort Hood in 2009. Hasan was already known for his pro-jihad sympathies before the murder spree. The injured survivors are still trying to receive the same pay and medical benefits given to those wounded in combat. But the Army is denying them pay, insisting that the massacre was “workplace violence” and not “combat-related.”

April 2013 – A US Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief titled “Extremism and Extremist Organizations” ranks evangelical Christians as the No. 1 extremist threat to the US. They rank ahead of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida whose stated intent is to desroy the US.

April 2013 – The Pentagon was about to put in force a new policy of court-martialing or imprisoning Christians who witness about their faith in the US military. A great outcry forced the Pentagon to backtrack.

Our armed forces have long upheld the values of Christianity, patriotism and traditional family. Why is the US military now fighting against values that millions of its servicemen died for? According to a December 2012 Gallup Poll, 77% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Let’s pray that God will keep letting their voices be freely heard.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are the Almighty Lord of hosts, with all the power of heaven at Your disposal. You know that our real battles are not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness. Some of those forces empower militant Islam, which is bent on destroying Israel and Christianity. The US military has stood against militant Islam. But now it is opening doors to Islam and shutting doors to the gospel. We ask that You open doors to the gospel that no one can shut, as You say in Rev. 3:8. Let Your Word be spoken freely in the air, on the ground, and at sea, wherever the US military goes. We ask that You open the eyes of US military leaders. Let them see that Islam is the enemy of freedom, and shut the doors to that enemy.

Let them also see that there is no freedom in homosexuality, but only bondage to spirits of perversion. Free those who are bound. Do not allow such spirits access to US military might and fighting men. Do not let the US military spread perversion in the world by force. Let the fear of God come on US military leaders. Remind them that they owe their freedom to many godly founding fathers. Most of all they owe it to You. They may lose it if they abuse it. Let the memory of many who died for this nation cause them to affirm its lasting foundations. Turn them into defenders of true freedom within the restraints of just war. And show Yourself as the only true Lord, before whom the wicked tremble and the righteous rejoice. In Jesus’ name, amen.

*The first four examples are from

“America’s Most Biblically-Hostile President.” 20 May, 2012.

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