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cyber warfare

At the Pentagon: Will the NSA follow the lead of the Army and IRS to target evangelicals?

NEWS UPDATE: Knowledge is power. That is why information cyber warfare now dominate the headlines. Military experts have long known that knowledge is more valuable than weapons. That “knowledge will increase” (Dan. 12:4) is one sign of the end times. And in our times, the increase of knowledge is accelerating faster than ever. Advanced techniques of data-mining now allow those in power to analyze terabytes of data at a time. In the wake of the IRS, AP and NSA scandals, we are learning that sensitive secrets about nations as well as individuals are much more vulnerable to government intrusion.


It is hard for governments to resist using this power. Every nation vying for world domination wants to be a winner in cyber warfare. In June 2010 the US, with the help of Israel, used secret intelligence to used cyber warfare to destroy one-fifth of the centrifuges Iran was using to make nuclear bombs. In August 2012 Iran, seeking worldwide Shiite Islam dominion, used cyber warfare attacks against its Sunni Islam rival Saudi Arabia’s oil companies. They instantly crippled 30,000 computers. In October 2012, then-US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed that Iranian hackers were planning widespread cyber warfare against US infrastructures. Their mission: to cause widespread panic, death and destruction in the US. Panetta intimated that the US was preparing preemptive cyber warfare against any foreign cyberwarfare aimed at the US (See Iranian cyberattacks aim at US economy.) Read more of this article below the video.

China and Russia have far greater cyber warfare capabilities than Iran. Since 2006 the Chinese army has used them to launch at least 141 hacker attacks against US government agencies and corporations. Their targets included Apple, Facebook, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as the US Defense and State Departments. China’s purpose: to outmatch US economic and military strength. If current trends continue, China will surpass both within 15-20 years. In one sense, China already has the upper hand. It is the largest foreign holder of the enormous US debt. No wonder the US is racing to stay ahead of China in the information wars. (See Chinese army hacks into US infrastructure.)

In this cyber warfare race, we now learn that the NSA has been using a secret program called PRISM to access the central servers of nine top US internet companies to track phone calls around the world. These include Apple, AOL, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PalTalk, Skype, Yahoo, and YouTube. PRISM data from these servers account for about 14% of all NSA intelligence reports.

The US government has also been using it huge cyber database against perceived enemies at home. And who has the US Army identified as its top domestic enemy? Evangelical Christians

Read more on how US cyber spying targets evangelicals, and see how to pray with us now.

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China & Iran vie with US in cyber warfare

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