Youth outreaches highlighted at 2017 NEAB AGM

youth outreaches

John George of ReadySetGo sports outreaches.

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 2 on youth outreaches. A truly healthy Kingdom of God culture in churches overflows in outreach. This year the Holy Spirit is saying to many of our leaders, get ready for a great harvest to come into the churches. So at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 27th, NEAB promoted youth outreaches and other initiatives that will prepare the way for this harvest.

The Festival of Hope is gathering churches to focus on a nationwide evangelism campaign. Christian leaders around the globe have been prophesying that the whole world will hear about what God will do in Belize. We can be thankful that US evangelist Daniel King is coming to start this breakthrough. But we the churches must keep on waging spiritual warfare to keep taking more ground.

NEAB Vice President Scott Stirm said we also need to keep praying for the Church-State Commission, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. NEAB is one of five church groups involved. We joined in order to target the Pandora’s box of gender-identity issues raised by the legalization of sodomy and the government’s revised gender policy. Already the churches’ changes to the gender policy have been approved by the government time after time. Yet every time we get the latest version back from the government, some if not all of our approved changes are missing.

sports outreaches

NEAB’s 2nd Annual General Meeting.

Now we want to go to the public for a vote on four constitutional amendments, so that the necessary changes will be fixed beyond cabinet or judicial reach. Specifically the amendments are: (1) sex defined as male and female only. (2) Marriage as between one man and one woman only. (3) Protection of religious freedom in church education. (4) Limits on LGBT public promotion. We believe these amendments make explicit what the Constitution already implies.

Scott also reported that the new Trump administration in Washington has committed to appoint a pro-family values US ambassador to Belize. That is what our recent petition, signed by almost 200 pastors, had requested. We needed such an ambassador in place of the pro-LGBT ambassador who had just stepped down.

youth outreaches

Kerm Thimbrel of Youth Legacy.

Kerm Thimbrell came forward to encourage churches to network their men’s ministries for mutual support. Or to start a men’s ministry if they lack one now. Otherwise they risk losing men to worldly influences. Without close and accountable relationships with other men, they can too easily go astray.

John George of YWAM expanded on his presentation last year on sports outreaches. Through sports, churches can reach multitudes of kids and change whole neighborhoods. Christian coaches can model the discipline and teach the teamwork needed not only to succeed in sports, but in life. President Lance followed with an appeal to counter the enemy’s widespread influence over Belizean students. He urged us to keep praying for and reaching kids your local school.

We ended by discussing how to reach our own absent members. We must call them to unite with the national body of Christ, in such a time as this when the nation so seriously needs what God has given us. Separately we can shine our lights in our localities. But together we can shine His light to the world.

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DailyInsight. A nation’s greatest hope is a praying church with members who disciple that nation in every arena (see Neh. 1-9).

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NEAB finds youth outreaches to be key strategy.


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