New gender policy secretly approved in Belize

 new gender policy

Scott Stirm & Belize Action at Supreme Court, now ready to challenge Belize’s Cabinet

PRAYER ALERT. An uproar followed the revelation that in March the Cabinet of Belize approved a new gender policy without informing the public. The UN-funded document was not published until two months later by the National Women’s Commission. NWC representative Adele Catzim Sanchez explained on May 17 to Channel 7 that “gender orientation is also a gender issue.” That means the government is now telling us that sexual identity is no longer male or female. Belize Action is now demanding the recall of this policy, or the recall of government leaders.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT), added Ann-Marie Williams of NWC on Channel 5, are now “part of the gender equality mix.” Because the Belize Constitution forbids discrimination based on sex, she says, it protects LGBT behavior. Even though it is still illegal? “Sex” in the Constitution has always meant “male and female.”
Why is the Cabinet redefining sex? Why is the same government which argued for the law against sodomy in the Supreme Court in May 7-10 at the same time enacting a policy which approves and protects sodomy? Why does this new gender policy encourage Belizeans to break the law before the judge decides whether it is constitutional? Prime Minister Dean Barrow himself acknowledged that Belizeans are overwhelmingly against changing the law. Why did his government not consult us?

All this shows how quickly corrupting the promotion of sodomy is. The new gender policy also adopts “special legal and infrastructure measures to safeguard the rights of vulnerable groups (sex workers, mobile workers, men who have sex with men, transgender populations, incarcerated populations…).” It commits the government to “amend existing legislation to legalize and regulate the sex work industry.” In other words, prostitution would be legal and protected under the new gender policy. It could also force churches to hire practicing homosexuals, and possibly prostitutes, because “customary religious and cultural practices must be subject to the right of equality.”

Facing a storm of public protest, the Cabinet met again on May 28. It dropped the mandate to change “customary religious and cultural practices.” It also backtracked on legalizing prostitution, saying it failed to notice that part of the document. But the Cabinet insists on keeping “sexual orientations” in the new gender policy.

The Belmopan Area Coalition of Churches—more than 40 of them—quickly responded by sending out a press release: “In our love for God, for Belize, and for all Belizeans…We therefore highly recommend the complete removal of the new Gender Policy 2013, the amending and clear defining of “gender” (MALE & FEMALE) in a new policy, the removal of sexual orientation, and we call for a proper process of public, transparent consultation on ALL matters of important national interests.”

Beyond that, Scott Stirm of Belize Action envisions “a statement signed by 400 pastors & leaders demanding the recall of this policy, or the recall of our leaders!!”

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are the Creator of us all, male and female, in Your image. Do not allow Your image in Belize to be defiled. Sound the alarm in Belize. Bring sudden conviction on our leaders. Lead them to suddenly reverse this new gender policy. Move on them to abandon secret and deceptive ways. Help them come to their senses so that they may escape the trap of the enemy, who has taken them captive to do his will.

Let there be light on those leaders who persist in violating the laws they vowed to
uphold. Expose the evil sources of this new gender policy. Reveal any corrupt financial deals. Replace any leaders who refuse to turn from such harmful ways. Pour out Your Holy Spirit on all flesh, including flesh that has been infected and diseased by homosexual practices. Turn back this wave of pollution. Let there be waves of cleansing. Let there be waves of healing. Let there be restoration of true sexual identity to the wounded and the confused. Remake them as the men and women in Your image that You created them to be. In Jesus’s name, amen

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Belize Action protests new gender policy

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