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PRAYER ALERT: Now is a Time to Pray for…

Hamas targets Israel, Israel targets weapons

PRAYER ALERT: Jihadist Hamas has released a music video calling for the killing of all Israelis. “Raze it [Israel] to the ground, exterminate the cockroaches’ nest, and banish all the Zionists,” the song says. One way Hamas targets Israel for death is its 9-year-old rocket attack campaign. The campaign has accelerated since July 8 when […] Continue reading →

Displaced persons over 51 million due to jihad

PRAYER ALERT: There are now more displaced persons in the world than in any year since WW2. On June 20 the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published its annual report on displaced persons in 2013. It contains mind-numbing figures. The report counted 33.3 million internally displaced persons, 16.7 million refugees, and 1.2 million asylum-seekers […] Continue reading →

Sunni insurgents in Iraq take aim at Baghdad

PRAYER ALERT from International Prayer Connect: Iraqi Christians have requested urgent prayer as the situation deteriorates virtually to the point of all-out civil war. Sunni Muslim militants, many aligned with the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an al-Qaeda off-shoot group, began their violent take-over on Friday 6th June. ISIS has full control of […] Continue reading →

Iraqi Christians flee from Sunni offensive

PRAYER ALERT from International Prayer Connect: Hundreds of Iraqi Christians are among those fleeing the areas taken by Sunni insurgents. At least one Assyrian church in Mosul has been burned down in the recent violence. Iraqi Christians particularly vulnerable, especially in the light of the treatment of Christians in the Raqqah province of northern Syria. […] Continue reading →

9 motivations to pray—to share with friends

9 MOTIVATIONS TO PRAY. Our intercessors need to motivate more intercessors. And we must stay motivated through thick and through thin. How? We have found 9 motivations to pray. See Prayer Motivator Quiz. Beginning intercessors often start with urgent Prayer Targets. The sudden appearance of an aggressive, foreign-backed LGBT agenda in Belize moved many to pray to […] Continue reading →

Fatah-Hamas unity to boost jihad in Israel?

PRAYER ALERT: Today the two main Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas formally ended a long rivalry. They announced they would form a Fatah-Hamas unity government for the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel has already warned it would sever all ties with the Palestinian Authority once the unity government was sworn in. Israel also called […] Continue reading →

Al Sisi faces broken Egypt & brutal neighbors

PRAYER ALERT: In Egypt’s May 26-28 elections, Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al Sisi won the presidency in a landslide. But al Sisi’s victory was undercut by a low turnout and immediate crises at home and abroad. The strictly pro-shariah Salafists, whose Nour party endorsed al Sisi, stayed away from the polls. Al Sisi’s crackdown on the […] Continue reading →

Euroskeptics vote against EU

PRAYER ALERT: Newspaper headlines called it a political earthquake. On May 22-25, elections were held for the European Parliament, the legislative branch of the European Union (EU). But it was the anti-EU parties which polled strongly in the UK, France, Denmark and Italy. The surprisingly big Euroskeptics vote left top leaders shaken and admitting the […] Continue reading →

Chinese hackers indicted by US in cyberwarfare

PRAYER ALERT: For the first time, the US is aiming criminal charges of computer hacking against foreigners. The Justice Department has indicted five members of the Chinese military for using cyberwarfare to steal trade secrets from top US companies in the steel, nuclear plant and solar power industries. The five Chinese hackers operated out of […] Continue reading →

Russia and China talks pose threat to West

  PRAYER ALERT: The presidents of Russia and China are meeting in Shanghai with leaders from Iran and Central Asia. Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping seek to close decade-long negotiations over a multibillion-dollar sale of natural gas from Russia to China. Iran and Central Asia are potential partners in the deal. Russia’s […] Continue reading →

Bring back our girls-before Islam takes more

PRAYER ALERT: Though Islamic rulers remain silent on the issue, the rest of the world is now sounding the alarm on the recent mass kidnapping by militant Muslims in Nigeria. The US, Britain, France, Israel and China are committing personnel, expertise and surveillance equipment to help find the still missing 223 schoolgirls. Yet is it […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram condemned? Not by Islamic rulers

PRAYER ALERT: The kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls by Muslim militant group Boko Haram has set off a worldwide campaign to rescue them. Though 53 have escaped, 223 are still missing. According to their families, most of the kidnapped girls are Christian. This should come as no surprise. About 600 Nigerian Christians were killed in […] Continue reading →

European jihadists in Syria to attack Europe?

PRAYER ALERT: On April 22 France publicized a new policy to stop its citizens from joining the Syrian rebellion. This is a rebellion that France supports. But France warned that any French citizen returning from Syria could face charges of participating in a terrorist organization. It also banned minors from leaving France unless they have […] Continue reading →

War on drugs scores big victories in Mexico

PRAYER ALERT: The war on drugs can now claim some recent major gains. On Friday, April 4, US customs agents announced that they had discovered two tunnels for smuggling drugs from Mexico. Both were under the border between Tijuana and San Diego, CA. Agents arrested 73-year-old Gladys Rodriguez for arranging the construction of the tunnel […] Continue reading →

Decriminalizing drugs: a global cop-out?

PRAYER ALERT: Despite recent gains in the war on drugs, leaders throughout the world are pursuing policies for decriminalizing drugs instead. In 2001, Portugal became the first country in Europe to repeal all criminal penalties for personal drug possession. The Netherlands reduced the penalty for possession of marijuana to a fine. The Czech Republic treats […] Continue reading →

Boko Haram jihad displaces 250,000 Nigerians

PRAYER ALERT: Since January, about 250,000 people have fled from an escalated Boko Haram jihad campaign in northeast Nigeria. According to Amnesty International, more than 1500 have been killed so far in 2014 by Boko Haram and by government reprisals against its campaign. Many of the refugees from this conflict are living in makeshift camps. […] Continue reading →

France pushes back jihad in Africa

PRAYER ALERT: France has been the nation most helpful in resisting jihad in its former African colonies. In 2012 an al-Qaeda coalition waged a campaign that captured two-thirds of Mali. It sought to impose shariah law throughout the country. Prime Minister Diango Cissoko appealed for help from NATO, the UN, France and the African Union. […] Continue reading →

Will Ukraine elections or invasion prevail?

PRAYER ALERT: The May 25 Ukraine elections are drawing near. But many fear that Russia will preempt the Ukraine elections by invading the eastern, Russian-leaning half of the country first. Russia has been massing troops and armored vehicles at its border with Ukraine for weeks. Russia has already annexed Crimea after a vote widely condemned […] Continue reading →